Getting Your Clock Serviced

Like you, we hope your clock will remain a proud feature on your wall for many, many years. Should it need a service at any point during your ownership, we would be happy to receive it back at the workshop where it can be given the skilled care of the team who know its workings better than anyone. 

How does it work?

We see clocks of all conditions sent back to us for servicing. Accidents happen, so some clocks need largescale repairs and many new parts. Whilst others just need a bit of a clean and upgrade to some worn parts. Whatever the case, you can expect your clock to be given a good check-over and a new lease of life by the time it comes back to you.

How does it work?

If you're in the UK* and you get in touch to arrange a clock service (links below), we can organise everything thereafter for you: a box for the clock to go into, should you need it, and its journey with the courier back to us. 
Regular-sized (33cm diameter) clocks can be sent using Royal Mail's collection service with your postman/woman usually bringing a label and collecting the boxed clock. Giant Weather Clocks will need collecting by our specialist courier to ensure they arrive back to us safely. We would provide you with any labels that would be required.
If your clock is out of warranty, you will be invoiced for the service when the clock is ready to send back to you (more on this below.) Clocks that are serviced by us are then warrantied for a further year after that service is complete.
*If your clock is not in the UK, we can, of course, still help but the system is slightly different. Please visit this page for details.

How Long Does It Take?

We hate to leave you with a glaring gap on your wall for longer than necessary, so any clock sent for a service is turned around as quickly as possible. Regular-sized clock services take approximately 8 weeks. Giant Weather Clock services take around 10-12 weeks which allows for the additional time taken for courier delivery each way. 

Warranty Status and any Charges for Services

Any Bramwell Brown clock comes with a minimum 1 year warranty, provided you retain proof of purchase. If you register your clock during that first year, that warranty is extended to 2 years. 
If your clock remains under warranty a service would, of course, be free of charge.
Naturally, the warranty does not cover accidental damage to the clock, for example if you drop it or knock it off the wall, but anything else is on us. The warranty will also not cover any clock purchased second hand!
'Out of Warranty' Regular sized clocks - repair and service (including the tracked courier in each direction): £150* 
'Out of Warranty' Large sized clocks - repair and service (including the specialist courier in each direction): £304*
*These prices do not include any of the more substantial parts, should they be required; specifically the clock frame, clock hands or the clock quartz movement. If these parts need replacing as part of your clock's repair, you would be informed of this prior to the work being carried out.
After a service, your clock will then be warrantied again for a further year.

Clock hands being fitted to a Bramwell Brown Clock

Contact Us to Organise a Service

If you think your clock needs some attention by the workshop team, please select whichever below option most closely describes what it is you want to report. Clicking on the appropriate link will take you to a contact form designed to collect all the information we need from you to swiftly put a plan of action in place and advise you on the next steps. 
Finally, we wrote a blog post about what goes on at our workshop because we know that our customers love to hear where and how their clock has been made. If you'd like to read '10 things you might not know about the Bramwell Brown Workshop' then click here!
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