On this page you will find links to details of:

  • How your Weather Clock forecasts 

  • Explanations for some of the clock's more unusual or surprising behaviour

  • Tips for troubleshooting

  • How to contact us if you think there is consistent problem with the accuracy of your clock's forecasts

    We quite often find that, especially during the first few weeks of owning a Weather Clock, its forecasting can be a little puzzling. Questions like "how far ahead does the clock forecast?" and "how often should I see it change?" are common ones. You'll find all these and more answered via the links on this page.

    It really helps to understand how your Weather Clock works from its little internal barometer. For that reason, the essential details are in your instruction manual (as well as some on our FAQ pages). However, if you would like a more in-depth guide, there is document that we've put together with more detailed descriptions on how the clock works. This is available at the bottom of this page.

    In addition to this detailed handbook, below you will find quick-access links to our explanations for the most common situations in which your clock's forecast might be a cause for raised eyebrows. In these situations it would be easy to wonder if your clock was behaving normally. With the guides found via the links below you can check if your clock is behaving as it should. 

    On each of the pages accessed below, there is a form to use to contact us, should your clock not match expected workshop-programmed behaviours. 


    What is it that you would like help with?

    - My clock says 'Rain' when it's hot and/or sunny outside

    - My clock hasn't changed from 'Fair' (or not moving from something else)

    - My clock says 'Fair' but it's pouring down!


    Dowloadable 'Nitty Gritty' Clock Forecasting Guide

    To download our handy reference guide into exactly how your clock forecasts the weather, click on the image below: