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Meet our original tide clock

Time and tide on one clock face

"We absolutely love it!"

From £445

This clever clock is perfect for those who enjoy coastal living or yearn for the salty sea air.

Depicting a tiny mechanical harbour with moving waves and bobbing boats, the clock will help you plan walks on the beach at low tide or chilly swims at high-water.

An incredibly unique addition to your home - get ready for compliments!

why you'll love our clocks

We Absolutely Love It

"The pictures online really don’t do these clocks justice as they really have to be seen in the flesh to be fully appreciated"

Jason. W.

A Statement Piece in Our Home

"It is so well made and absolutely beautiful."

Georgina. T.

I love it, my kids love it

"I look at it every day for the tide and as the weather improves, I will be heading out for a swim at high tide!!"

Maura. G.

"Daddy it’s time for a swim!"

"The tide clock has turned him into a good little swimmer and he loves paddle boarding on board with his father."

Lorraine. C.

no, it's not magic

And it doesn't need wifi

Incredibly easy to setup, the clock has a electro-mechanical tidal timer inside. This ensures it is indicative of what the tide you set it to is also doing. Take a look at our video to learn more.

Clever electro-mechanical design

The scenery updates every 30 minutes to keep track of the average moving tide. Like all Tide Clocks, it is set to work on a semi-diurnal timer of 12 hours 25 minutes and 15 seconds between high tides. Just set the Clock to 'High Tide' when your favourite coastal location is also in flood, and you're in sync 👍

highest quality materials

Our Tide Clocks are handmade at our workshop in Hampshire, England. The care and attention each clock receives during assembly is matched in quality by the parts we use to make them. For example, the artist's scenery is printed and cut by our Somerset-based printers, the Clock frame hand-welded and painted to the highest standards. Truly 'Made in Britain'.

Free Shipping for uk, USA and EU

Whether you're near or far from the coast, we can get a clock to you quickly & fully tracked, free of charge for UK, USA and EU addresses. For the EU and USA, all customs fees and tarrifs are covered by Bramwell Brown - no hidden costs whatsoever.

Certificate of Authenticity

Your Tide Clock will come with a Bramwell Brown Certificate of Authenticity, signed by the workshop team member who made it for you. A demonstration of the human hand that has put so much care into making your new favourite possession.

Want to know more? Go To FAQs

Don't see the location you're looking for?

There are thousands of locations we could make into a Tide Clock, so we're asking you, the customer, to help us decide on future designs.


If you are not already a subscriber, then your vote for [vote-location] will be tallied when you click the link you will receive into your inbox. Many thanks again from all the team at Bramwell Brown

roundstone Galway, Ireland

Looking for a fully bespoke clock?

Let our design and workshop team create a bespoke Tide Clock for you. Tell us a location and any boats or watercraft you'd like added to the scene, and we'll make it happen.

Your local ferry, your Dad's old barge or a rum smuggler's skiff?!

100% unique, handmade to order

Commission a one-of-a-kind Tide Clock and you can:

  • Decide on the tidal scene and any boat or watercraft desired
  • Enjoy a completely unique clock, to cherish forever

group order

Gather 5 or more people that want a clock depicting the same location:

  • Confirm tidal scene & watercraft wanted by the group.
  • After the initial group order, further orders of the same clock will be available on the website
  • Prices per clock start at the same rate as other Limited Edition Tide Clocks listed above.

our personal promise to you

Each and every Bramwell Brown clock is designed & handmade to bring happiness wherever it is hung. We hope you will feel the enthusiasm and care of our budding family business when you bring a Tide Clock into your own home.

Warmest Regards,

Rob & Sarah


How soon can a Tide Clock be delivered?
  • UK delivery is within 1-2 working days, sent via DPD.
  • For the USA, it's 7-10 days, sent with DHL.
  • And for the EU it's 3-10 days, sent with DPD.

Read more about our express shipping here.
Orders placed before 2pm (UK-time) Monday-Friday are often shipped that same day. Bespoke Tide Clocks will take 6-10 weeks to make after design sign-off.

How do I set the Tide Clock up?

Your Tide Clock's unboxing is meant to be fun, easy and, if needed, educational!

The Tide Clock mechanism (seperate to the silent clock hands) runs on batteries. Once these are inserted, the clock can be switched on. It will do one or two full rotations of the tide scenery and then sit at "high tide".

We then recommend that you consult your local tide times via the internet and when your next high water is at a convenient time, turn the clock off and then on again. This will mean the clock is at 'high tide' when your local real tide is also at the same. The clock is now in sync and will move every half an hour to update itself 😊

How accurate is the Tide Clock?

The electronics inside the clock precisely measure the 24 hours, 50 minutes and 30 seconds of a lunar day. The gravitational pull of the moon, along with local other factors, is what creates tidal movement. This synchronisation between the tide and the moon is very regular but there will be small variations during each month. We would expect that, between full moons, your Tide Clock (or any Tide Clock) might be at most, 30 - 60 minutes out. Returning back to accuracy again as the averages converge once more. Because of this, fine tuning or adjustment during the month is not recommended. You can read more in our Tide Clock instruction manual here.

Can the clock be relied on for safety at sea?

No! We have designed the clock to be a beautiful and helpfully indicative depiction of your local tide. With this in mind, the clock should not be used to plan any activities where your safety may be at risk from the tide. Please consult professional tide charts and other guidance regarding personal safety!


33cm (13 inches) diameter

12.5cm (5 inches) deep

This size is suitable for the clock to hang as a stand-alone feature or amongst other art on a wall.

By the way, did you know, our clocks don't make a ticking noise?! We know that drives some people crackers...!

Tell me about returns & exchanges?

We’re sure you’re going to love your Tide Clock. But if you change your mind, for whatever reason and you live in the UK, EU or USA, you can return it to us within 60 days of delivery for an exchange or full refund.

You can read more about our hassle-free process here.

And if you want to give someone a clock but can’t decide which one, you can always purchase a Gift Card