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Falmouth, Cornwall - Limited Edition Tide Clock

Showing one of Cornwall's most popular coastal towns, sunny Falmouth is captured inside this mechanical tide-keeping clock with small boats rising and falling throughout the day.

Hand-assembled in limited numbers, this illustrated Tide Clock is a future family heirloom for anyone local, visiting or associated with the Royal Navy in Cornwall.

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  • Based on one of Cornwall's most popular towns - Falmouth - this clock is for any Cornish-local, Falmouth visitor or Royal Navy personnel, alike. 
  • Our artist has taken in the scenes of the historic Customs House Quay with a view back towards the town, depicting the Chain Locker, Falmouth Harbour Commissioners and the Quayside Inn amongst other historic buildings.
  • Designed to be both a helpful indication of when is a good time to go for walk at low water or a swim at high tide, the clock is also a moving piece of artwork, brought to life by the artistic seascape that updates every thirty minutes.
  • The clever electro-mechanics work in the same way as our regular Tide Clocks - the Falmouth Tide Clock keeps track of the day's Tides (learn more here). No internet connections required or anything difficult to get right - just set the clock at high tide for your preferred location or Falmouth's itself, and off you go.
  • All our clocks are made with great affection at our workshop in Hampshire, England. And, as with with all Limited Edition designs, we will will make only 250 of these very special clocks.
  • Falmouth was chosen after multiple requests from enthusiastic Cornish locals and visitors voted for us to choose the view of the historic quayside. 
  • Clever electro-mechanical design
    The scenery updates every 30 minutes to keep track of the average moving tide. Like all Tide Clocks, it is set to work on a semi-diurnal timer of 12 hours 25 minutes and 15 seconds between high tides. Just set the Clock to 'High Tide' when your favourite coastal location is also in flood and you're in sync.

  • Watch a full day of Cornish tide
    The ‘mechanically animated’ illustrations can be demonstrated to friends and family at the push of the ‘Mechanimate’ button on the clock – it will then complete an entire tidal loop with boats bobbing up and down along the way. Swimwear and ice cream is optional!

  • Hand Assembled in Great Britain
    All of our patented, British-designed Tide Clocks are crafted by hand at our workshop in Hampshire, England – delicate, skilled work.

  • Sustainable Design
    We’ve designed the clock to work for many happy years in your home. It’s fully serviceable (if it ever needs to be) – with all the parts available in our workshop.

  • Easy to hang (indoors!)
    A single screw in the wall can hold the clock and you get a nifty hanging guide in the box. This clock is for indoor use only – and please don't hang it within 50cm (20 inches) of a radiator. The delicate mechanics don’t enjoy direct heat.

  • Certificate of Authenticity
    A badge of honour for every Bramwell Brown Clock we make, signed by the team members at the workshop that assembled it for you.

  • 60-day returns, so you can be sure it’s right for you
    We’re sure you’re going to love this clock. But if you change your mind, for whatever reason, just send it back to us within 60 days of delivery for an exchange or full refund. You can read more about our hassle-free process here.
    And if you want to give someone a clock but can’t decide which one, you can always purchase a Gift Card?.

  • Dimensions
    33cm (13 inches) diameter
    12.5cm (5 inches) deep

  • Quality quartz movement
    German-made quartz mechanism keeps the clock hands on time without any ticking noise.

  • Quality materials
    Steel clock frame is hand-finished. The Black, Grey or Blue coloured powder coats are silky smooth. Copper-plated frames have a nice clear lacquer finish to prevent any oxidisation over time. Printed card clock face sits behind the anodised metal minute and hour hands. The harbour artwork print is onto lightweight artboard. The clock window is shatterproof Lumex.

  • Runs on regular batteries
    Included, of course, with all clocks.

  • Free UK, EU and USA delivery
    Once neatly packed up at the workshop, the clocks are shipped by trackable courier. If you're in the UK, delivery is in 1-2 working days. Orders placed before 2pm Monday-Friday are shipped that same day. All orders to EU countries and the USA will arrive with no duties or local tariffs payable. Read more about our shipping.

  • A note on unusual tide patterns
    Our Tide Clocks forecast the tide state on a semi-diurnal mechanism. They therefore time the twice daily rise and fall of a standard semi-diurnal tide, (as found in all of the United Kingdom, most of Europe and the East Coast of the USA) that results from the gravitational pull of the moon. If you are in a location not listed above or with a known unusual tide then you can read more here.