Frequently Asked Questions & Contact Forms

Frequently Asked Questions & Contact Forms

1. I'm considering buying a clock

Get answers to questions about the clocks before buying one


Do the clocks really forecast the Weather?!

How often do the clocks move to a different weather forecast?

How far ahead do the clocks forecast?

Remind me what a Barometer is again?

How does temperature affect the Clocks?

How do they work indoors?

Can I order a bespoke clock or finish of a clock that's not listed on the website?

Do the Clocks come with a Warranty?

If my Weather Clock needs servicing in the future, can Bramwell Brown help?

What is the clock powered by?

Where is it best to position a Weather Clock?

What happens if I receive the clock and it doesn't suit the room I wanted it for?

Do you make large Copper-framed clocks?

Do the Copper-plated framed clocks tarnish at all?

Do you have a Mailing List?

Is there a Bramwell Brown showroom or shop?

Can the clocks be hung outside?

Does altitude affect the accuracy of the clocks' forecasting?

Do the clocks make a ticking noise?

Can I pay for my clock by bank transfer?

How do you hang the clocks?

Are the clocks ever offered on discount or sale?

Can I buy a Gift Card or Voucher?

I have a question that is not answered here. How can I get in touch?

Can I have a Tide Clock personalised with an image of my location or my own boat?

Will a Tide Clock work in the Solent?

What harbour is depicted in the Tide Clock?

Shipping, Returns and Exchanges

Ask us questions or contact us about delivery

How quickly can I get my Weather Clock?

Can I track my delivery or modify my delivery address?

What if I'm out when the clock is to be delivered?

Shipping outside of Mainland United Kingdom

What if I want to return my order?

What if I want to change my clock for a different colour frame or alternative design?

Can I cancel or change my order?

Can I send my clock for a service or repair?

Personalised Clocks

What's the process for Personalised Clocks?

2. I already own a Bramwell Brown clock

General bits and bobs

Register your clock for a two-year warranty

Moving or storing your clock

I've lost my instruction manual!

I have feedback for Bramwell Brown

My clock doesn't seem to have a 'transport lock'

The D-Cell batteries on my clock push up against the battery cover

I can see a small dimple in the frame

Can I speak to the team at Bramwell Brown on the phone?

Can I get a VAT invoice for my Clock?

How do I set my Tide Clock to be most accurate?

I think there is a problem with my clock

I’ve dropped my clock and it’s broken

My clock says 'Rain' when it's bright sunshine outside

The forecasts in my clock aren't changing

I need Bramwell Brown's help with my clock

3. Trade & Wholesale

Trade and Business Enquiries

General business enquiries

Can I stock Bramwell Brown clocks?

Trade enquries outside of the UK

Recommend a Cafe or establishment where a Weather Clock could be exhibited