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Our Frequently Asked Questions & Contact Forms

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Queries about our Weather Clocks

Do the Weather Clocks really forecast the Weather?!

How often do the Weather Clocks move to a different weather forecast?

How far ahead do the Weather Clocks forecast?

Do the Weather Clocks make a ticking noise?

Remind me what a Barometer is again?

How does temperature affect the Weather Clocks?

How do the Weather Clocks work indoors?

Can I order a bespoke clock or finish of a clock that's not listed on the website?

What are the Weather Clocks powered by?

Where is it best to position a Weather Clock?

Can the clocks be hung outside?

Does altitude affect the accuracy of the Weather Clocks' forecasting?

Do you make 'Giant-sized' (53cm/20.8") Copper-framed clocks?

Do the Copper-plated framed clocks tarnish at all?

How do you hang the clocks?

I have a question that is not answered here. How can I get in touch?

Queries about our Tide Clocks

How do the Tide Clocks work?

What harbour is depicted in the Tide Clock?

Do the Tide Clocks make a ticking noise?

Will a Tide Clock work in the Solent strait, southern England?

Where is it best to position a Tide Clock

Do you do bespoke tide clocks?

Personalised Clocks

What's the process for Personalised Clocks?

What's the process for bespoke Tide Clocks?

What’s the process for Bespoke Colour Clocks?

Shipping Information

Ask us questions or contact us about delivery

How quickly can I get my clock?

Can I track my delivery or modify my delivery address?

What if I'm out when the clock is to be delivered?

Shipping outside of the United Kingdom

Warranty & Servicing

Do the Weather Clocks and Tide Clocks come with a Warranty?

If my Clock needs servicing in the future, can Bramwell Brown help?

Returns & Exchanges

What if I want to return my order?

What if I want to change my clock for a different colour frame or alternative design?

Can I cancel or change my order?

Can I send my clock for a service or repair?

Ordering & Payment Queries

Can I pay for my clock by bank transfer?

Can I buy a Gift Card or Voucher?

Are the clocks ever offered on discount or sale?

Do you offer a a personaslised gift note or gift-wrapping service?

I already own a Bramwell Brown clock

General bits and bobs

Register your clock for a two-year warranty

Moving or storing your clock

I've lost my instruction manual!

Is there a Bramwell Brown showroom or shop?

I have feedback and/or suggestions for Bramwell Brown

Do you have a Mailing List?

My clock doesn't seem to have a 'transport lock'

The D-Cell batteries on my clock push up against the battery cover

I can see a small dimple in the frame

Can I speak to the team at Bramwell Brown on the phone?

Can I get a VAT invoice for my Clock?

How do I set my Tide Clock to be most accurate?

I need help with my clock

I’ve dropped my clock and it’s broken

My clock says 'Rain' when it's bright sunshine outside

The forecasts in my clock aren't changing

I need Bramwell Brown's help with my clock

Trade & Wholesale

Trade and Business Enquiries

General business enquiries

Do Bramwell Brown work with artists on new designs?

Can I stock Bramwell Brown clocks?

Trade enquries outside of the UK

Recommend a Cafe or establishment where a Weather Clock could be exhibited

Do you offer marketing collaborations or sales commission?