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our original WEATHER clock

A Modern Heirloom Timepiece

"The greatest clock ever!"

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Bring the wholesome feelings from childhood back into your life with this handmade work of art. The Weather Clock whirrs into colourful motion when outside conditions change, brightening your home even when rain's on the way.

And though every visitor will naturally want it for themselves, fear not. For your family will lovingly guard it for generations.

why you'll love our clocks

We Absolutely Love It

"The pictures online really don’t do these clocks justice as they really have to be seen in the flesh to be fully appreciated"

Jason. W.

A Statement Piece in Our Home

"It is so well made and absolutely beautiful."

Georgina. T.

Wonderful addition to our home

"It’s beautifully made and makes a friendly whirring noise when the pressure changes and the art work is just delightful. So delighted with my special clock."

Anne. L.

A dream come true

"We are over the moon to finally own one for ourselves and its loved by our children and visitors too!"

Emma. J.

no, it's not magic

And it doesn't need wifi

The clock has a barometric air pressure sensor at its core that continually measures the atmospheric pressure throughout the day. Very simply, if the clock notices the air pressure is rising then it will forecast sunnier weather. Conversely, if air pressure falls then the clock will forecast rain or, excitingly, ‘storm’!

Clever barometric design

The little illustrated scene changes with the air pressure, just like the barometers of old: ‘Very Dry’, ‘Fair’, ‘Change’, ‘Rain’, and ‘Stormy’.

Press the ‘Mechanimate Button’ on the base to make it whizz into life – then watch the reaction from friends and family.

highest quality materials

Our Weather Clocks are handmade at our workshop in Hampshire, England. The care and attention each clock receives during assembly is matched in quality by the parts we use to make them. For example, the artist's scenery is printed and cut by our Somerset-based printers, the Clock frame hand-welded and painted to the highest standards. Truly 'Made in Britain'.

Free Shipping for uk, USA and EU

We can get a clock to you quickly & fully tracked, free of charge for UK, USA and EU addresses. For the EU and USA, all customs fees and tarrifs are covered by Bramwell Brown - no hidden costs whatsoever.

Certificate of Authenticity

Your Weather Clock will come with a Bramwell Brown Certificate of Authenticity, signed by the workshop team member who made it for you. A demonstration of the human hand that has put so much care into making your new favourite possession.

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Personalise your weather clock

Add your own personal touch to your Weather clock with custom faces and personalised plaques.


Be it funny, serious or commemorative, make any clock within our range completely unique with the addition of a bespoke clock face. Specially assembled for you at the workshop by the team, your clock will be incredibly unique.


For an extra thoughtful touch, make any clock within our range even more special with the addition of an aluminium plaque on the back, inscribed with a personal message. Specially assembled onto your choice of clock at the workshop.


Each and every Bramwell Brown clock is designed & handmade to bring happiness wherever it is hung. We hope you will feel the enthusiasm and care of our budding family business when you bring a Weather Clock into your own home.

Warmest Regards,

Rob & Sarah


How soon can a Weather Clock be delivered?
  • UK delivery is within 1-2 working days, sent via DPD.
  • For the USA, it's 7-10 days, sent with DHL.
  • And for the EU it's 3-10 days, sent with DPD.

Read more about our express shipping here.
Orders placed before 2pm (UK-time) Monday-Friday are often shipped that same day. Bespoke or Personalised Weather Clocks can take 6-10 weeks to make after design sign-off. Speak to the team about Bespoke orders here.


Weather Clock - incl all Limited Edition designs

33cm (13 inches) diameter

12.5cm (5 inches) deep

Giant Weather Clock - available in the UK only

53cm (21 inches) diameter

12.5cm (5 inches) deep

This size is suitable for the clock to hang as a stand-alone feature or amongst other art on a wall.

By the way, did you know, our clocks don't make a ticking noise?! We know that drives some people crackers...!

Do the Weather Clocks really forecast the Weather?

They do, indeed!

The clock has a barometric air pressure sensor at its core that continually measures the atmospheric air pressure throughout the day.

Even inside a relatively air-tight home the air pressure changes are sufficient for your clock to forecast from as you will see.

By monitoring the air pressure, the clock can tell whether it is rising or falling in relative terms over time – an important aspect of weather forecasting. (See the following section for further details.)

Very simply, if the clock notices the air pressure is rising then it will forecast sunnier weather. Conversely, if air pressure falls then the clock will forecast rain. The faster the rate of change, the more extreme the swing in either direction.

Here is a video explanation by Bramwell Brown Co-Founder, Sarah:

You might also like to read the Instruction Manual that comes with every Weather Clock.

How far ahead do the Weather Clocks forecast?

The clocks generally forecast short term for the day ahead, however, this does depend on a few things,as explained by Co-Founder, Sarah, in the video below.

Remind me what a Barometer is again?

A Barometer is an instrument that measures atmospheric pressure and, accordingly, helps forecast the weather. They've been around for quite some time....

The story starts in the 16th Century when Italian clever-man Evangelista Torricelli is thought to have been the first person to recognise that the world’s atmosphere was not weightless but applied a force, now known as atmospheric pressure.

Only in the 18th Century was the link between atmospheric pressure and changing weather conditions noted. Water-filled “storm glass” barometers did what their name suggests and predicted impending storms.

The 19th century saw the development of the aneroid barometer which became widely used for meteorology and a popular accessory in the home. These aneroid barometers were produced in all manner of ornate designs in response to the insatiable British appetite for a topic of conversation, the use of umbrellas and organising picnics.

With the advent of improved satellite weather forecasting, barometers became more regarded as an instrument for an older generation with their natural interactions overshadowed in an ever digitalised world. Your new Weather Clock is a reaction against this and a celebration of the intricate mechanics of bygone eras brought up to date for the contemporary home.

Tell me about returns & exchanges?

We’re sure you’re going to love your Weather Clock. But if you change your mind, for whatever reason and you live in the UK, EU or USA, you can return it to us within 60 days of delivery for an exchange or full refund.

You can read more about our hassle-free process here.

And if you want to give someone a clock but can’t decide which one, you can always purchase a Gift Card