Key Design Concepts From The Outset

From the initial spark of our product idea, it was always our intention that our clocks, once developed, would be:

  • Long lasting and repairable

  • Assembled in the UK from as many locally-sourced parts as possible

  • Fun for all ages

  • An easy substitute to framed artwork 

  • Reminiscent of old mechanical clocks, like the moon dial grandfather clocks we remembered from our own childhood

Constant Evolution

Whilst the very first clocks to have come off our assembly line back in 2014 would still look very similar, our clocks have gone through a multitude of generations since then as their design, internal mechanism and packaging has evolved. Amongst many things they have been shaped and updated to account for customer feedback and a continuous desire by the team to constantly improve.  

Limited Edition designs have been launched and others retired, and an array of ways to personalise your clock has been added into our offering.

The evolution of our workshop procedures and range of clocks will, no doubt, continue and we’ve a wealth of ideas in the pipeline!

Intellectual Property Protection

From our outset, to date, we have consistently taken expert advice on the protection of our designs and intellectual property. We use a range of measures including patents, design rights, copyright and trademarks to protect all aspects of the business, some of which are listed below.

We have actively pursued registrations of our IPR across global territories and will continue to do so in all future research and development work.

Bramwell Brown, along with its investors, take very seriously the protection of the company's designs and inventions and will work tirelessly to ensure that any infringements are effectively dealt with.

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