We're incredibly sorry that you are having problems with your clock but please rest assured we are on hand to help. The information you provide when kindly completing the form below will enable us to identify the best advice and a plan of action to rectify the situation as swiftly as possible. 

Before you get started, if the clock hands have stopped moving or are not keeping time here are our tips:
Firstly, try replacing the AA battery. If that doesn’t fix it, then it may be that the battery is not making a good connection with the quartz mechanism. A simple fix to this is to re-insert the AA battery so the tip of the '+' end of the battery is lifted slightly in its socket to give it a firmer connection the metal in the quartz mechanism. We also find that sometimes wiping a slightly damp cloth on the ends of the batteries also improves the electrical contacts and makes the mechanism take the intended battery current.

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