We're really sorry that you think there might be a problem with your clock. If you would kindly complete the following questions for us we will be able to identify the best suggestions or plan of action to help.

Please note, this form is designed only for reporting problems with either the weather scenery not moving at all, or showing a forecast that you think may be wrong. If the problem would be better described as the scenery not lining up correctly, looking a bit strange or 'juddering' (making a strange noise when trying to change scenery), there is a more relevant form that you should complete instead. These can be found by returning to the previous page


Before you begin completing the form found below, you may find the following information helpful, or even answers your concerns:

If you are concerned that your clock is not forecasting accurately, please bear in mind that the clock relies entirely on changes in atmospheric air pressure. As a way of forecasting the weather, this has some idiosyncrasies. Find out more in the instruction manual, in the chapters on ‘How the clock works’, and ‘Forecasting the weather with a barometer’.

If the forecasts have only just become erratic, after a long period of good use, this may be down to low battery power and it might be worth replacing old batteries (the large ones behind the battery covers) with new ones. 


Before you get started completing the form, please note:

- Do not press the 'back' button on your browser. If you need to go back, click on 'back' at the bottom of that page of the form (as shown below).

- When moving onto the next page of the form, you may need to scroll up to the top of that next page.

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