We proudly hand-assemble all our clocks at our workshop in Hampshire, Great Britain, so that they last and to continue to be enjoyed for years and years. We use quality parts and take huge pride and care in our workmanship.

Whether your clock has found a home in the UK or further afield, we would still like you to know that should your clock ever need some extra care and attention, we will be able to help. Our clocks have been designed in a way that allows for lifetime servicing so they can hang on your wall for years to come.

If any maintenance is required both during or after your clock's warranty period, we can advise on how best to go about this. Like any quality watch or clock maker, servicing and repairs can be arranged by our own team in the UK (which we can happily organise for you), or by instructing you or a local professional on how to make simple corrections or repairs if that is of preference. 

Our FAQs page has advice and guidance on maintenance as well as ways to contact us about specific assistance required. The team will be more than happy to help and we trust that you'll find this interaction with us both pleasant and efficient.

Click here to seek help for a specific service or maintenance enquiry

Workshop repair

We wrote a blog post about what goes on at our workshop because we know that our customers love to hear where and how their clock has been made. If you'd like to read '10 things you might not know about the Bramwell Brown Workshop' then click here.