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Engagement Gift Ideas for Young Couples

engagement gift ideas for young couples

Getting an engagement gift for a couple can be stressful, but it can also be a good chance to start them off well as they begin married life together. Deciding on a gift for the couple can depend on a few factors, including what they value and like, what they need and what they would appreciate. 

How much to spend on an engagement gift is also a point to consider. Generally, the closer you are to the couple, the more you should contribute. If it’s family or best friends, gifting something in the range of £150-£250 is ideal. For coworkers or acquaintances, £50-£80 on a gift is more appropriate. You’ll also want to factor in other expenses, for example, if you’re travelling from far away to attend the wedding, a less expensive gift is alright. Generally speaking, you’ll want to spend at least £30-£40 on an engagement gift unless you truly can’t afford more.

Whatever your budget, there are options for every gift-giver. Consider the needs of the couple, and think about what they would love or find useful. Below, we’ll go through some examples that will hopefully spark an idea for the engaged couple.

Personalised Gifts

One gift that is always in style is commemorative gifts, something that depicts the date the couple was engaged or will be wed to serve as a loving reminder of the choice they’ve made to be together. Personalised gifts are great because they can be almost anything that you choose, since you can simply engrave or professionally mark the couple’s name and date.

Some practical ideas for a personalised gift include dishware or drinkware, so they can use it for special occasions or even every day. You might also think of a framed print or photograph that details the date of their engagement and shows the love that they share. A jewellery dish where they can store their rings when they need to be taken off for doing dishes or yard work can also be symbolic of their promise and personalised with their initials and engagement or wedding date.

Durable Kitchenware

Starting married life together, a couple will be making a home together as well. Having good quality kitchenware including pots, pans and utensils help to ensure that they start off right. This is an especially thoughtful gift for the couple that loves to be in the kitchen together, trying out new recipes or perfecting old ones.

A long-lasting set of pots and pans can see them through decades of use with care, and consider specialized utensils for them if they like baking or trying new cuisines. You might also win some points with small appliances like a stand mixer or gourmet espresso maker. You can consider linens as well for the couple, like matching aprons, tea towels, oven mitts and even decor like tablecloths and napkins for when they’re hosting guests.

Wine Subscription

Having a glass of wine at hand while planning a wedding can help the couple’s stress levels stay manageable while preparing for their big day. A wine subscription is a thoughtful gift for the connoisseur or casual drinker and you can gift them favourites that they love or new vintages to try. 

You can have the wine bottles personalised for them, or opt for tagging certain bottles to open for specific celebrations. You can make an evening special for the young couple by having a bottle delivered for Valentine’s Day, an anniversary or a birthday. For an extra sweet thought, you can include little handwritten notes of good wishes for the couple to let them know that you’re thinking of them and hope that their relationship is thriving.

Wedding Planner

Help the young couple get prepared for planning a wedding with an organizer and planning book that contains all the tips and essentials they need to get through this big event. Planning an event can be stressful, and it’s likely that the young couple hasn’t had to organize an event this big before. Taking some of the burdens off them can be a kind gesture that will be appreciated long after the wedding is over.

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Check out a few wedding planning books to find the ideal one for the couple. There are books that include how to budget and what costs to expect when looking for catering, florists and event spaces. A good planner will also feature checklists to keep on track, calendars to make sure that everything is running smoothly and a guide of etiquette tips on what expectations should be fulfilled.

Quality Set of Tools or Hardware

If the new couple is planning on moving into an older home or already have, they might be interested in making renovations to help the place feel truly like home. If they don’t have all the tools for the DIY projects that they’ll be doing, this could be an opportunity to gift them with something that they really need.

You can ask about current or future projects that the couple has lined up and help out that way. Tools are obviously an investment, so consider pitching in for a tool rental service that they can use for specific, short jobs when they need an air compressor, carpet cleaner, or tile saw but don’t need to own the tool long-term.

Weather Clock

A clock is an essential part of the decor and can be a lovely gift for a couple making a new house into a home. Bramwell Brown Weather Clock is an heirloom-quality clock that the couple can pass down to future generations. It can also be personalised with the couple’s names and engagement or wedding date.

This fanciful clock features two display windows for forecasting the day’s weather. The smaller window tells what kind of weather to expect, while the larger window displays the weather with cute pictorial scenes. It is carefully hand-assembled and will last a lifetime or longer with care--a wonderful symbol for budding marriage.

Fancy Cake Cutting Set

Cake cutters are a wonderful symbol of celebration and happy events, and the couple will likely be needing one soon. Bestow them a lovely cake-cutting set that they can have for years. Every time they use it, they’ll be reminded of their wedding and the precious memories they created. 

Some options include engraving the couple’s name on the handle or having it encrusted with crystals. Gilded and silvered sets are classic and charming, and can be around for all celebrations they have in the future. It’s a classic gift that can spark excitement for the wedding while still being practical.

Custom Stamp

A custom stamp that displays the couple’s names and address can come in handy for sending out wedding invitations and thank-you notes later. It can be a pain addressing all those invitations and letters by hand, so while the couple will still need to write out the recipients’ addresses, you can help them cut down on hand cramps with a custom stamp.

The stamp can be designed in many styles, and can still be useful beyond the wedding as part of regular correspondence from the couple, like holiday cards and letters. It’s a practical gift that doesn’t break the bank and shows thoughtfulness for the couple’s large to-do list for the wedding.

Date Night Subscription Box

Planning a wedding is certainly not an easy time for couples, so to help them remember to celebrate what matters the most by giving them a date night kit. The subscription box is delivered on a monthly basis, taking all the planning stress out of having a lovely date--which is perfect for the engaged couple working hard to plan a wedding. It can contain a variety of activities, like painting, puzzles and projects to complete together.

There are a few services that offer this delivery, and you can help to customise it with add-ons if offered. You can choose to send one box, or make it a treat every month or every few months. The gift of encouraging the couple to play, grow and have fun together is something that they’ll cherish for years as they adventure on their marriage.

Gift from Registry or Cash

Perhaps the best way to ensure that the couple gets something that they absolutely want or need is to get something from their registry. You can always ask where they’re registered and get a present from there. It’s a great way to take out the guess work and provide them with something they’ve chosen. 

Another idea is to give cash. This is especially thoughtful and useful to a young couple who might be needing to pay off a mortgage or other large expense. Gift cards can also come in handy for helping to pay for a night out or fun experience for the couple.

Whatever you choose to give, be sure to provide a card or note as well. You can mention personal wishes for the couple and some whimsical advice for married life. The personalisation of the card shows thoughtfulness and hopes for the very best that marriage can bring for the couple.

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