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9 Lockdown Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

Lockdown Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

Getting through a lockdown can impact your relationships in a negative way, and with few things to do, shopping for a birthday gift for the guy in your life can be a tedious exercise. Trying to make his birthday special during lockdown is a challenge, but it doesn’t mean there isn’t anything you can do. 

His birthday is an opportunity to show that you appreciate him, however you’re able to still, and want to make his birthday a happy event, even if you can’t celebrate traditionally. We’ll look at ideas for dad, son, partner and any other special guy in your life.

1. Gift a Subscription

One way to make the most of the time being stuck inside is to get further acquainted with some favourites. If the man in your life is into music, then gifting a subscription to a music streaming service like Spotify can be something that he’d really appreciate, even if it isn’t something that he would get himself. 

You can also subscribe him to a monthly beer package, letting him sample different brews if he’s the adventurous sort when it comes to tasting. Maybe he’s more of a literature lover, and subscribing him to a favourite magazine could be a wonderful gift that keeps giving throughout the year. A television and movie streaming subscription is also a nice touch, especially if he needs to pass the time in quarantine.

2. BBQ Grill Accessories

If he has a love for grilling, you might want to cater to that interest. There are more than a few things that you could get to take his grill game up a notch. Make sure to take a look at what he currently has in his inventory so that you don’t buy a double unless it’s something that he’ll be needing.

Pretty much any griller appreciates a good roasting or grilling pan. The barbeque isn’t just for meats but to do anything else, he might need a good set of cast iron or stainless steel griddles, baskets or pans to make superior veggies and sides. Another idea is to help him build a stock of quality charcoal, especially from sources that are sustainable.

Tools can also come in handy, and finding an all-in-one BBQ grilling can make it easier to cook food without having to switch between specialised tools. A tool that can act as a spatula, tongs, fork and bottle opener is quite a useful piece of equipment, so if he doesn’t already have a multi-tool, this could make a great gift.

3. Tools for DIY Projects

Something that most men will appreciate is you having an interest in their hobbies. You can help nurture their passion projects by gifting them with tools or materials that they would find useful in their work. For example, if he’s into woodworking, you might consider a set of tools that can come in handy while he’s working--like a silicone glue brush set for joins, or bench cookies that are small pucks to keep a project elevated above the work surface, and a set of clamps are never out of style for a woodworker.

If he’s into other things, like cars, consider some tools for modifications he might appreciate. Putting on a wrap or taking one off requires a heat gun, and if that’s something that he has been interested in doing, you could assist by getting him the right tools for the job. A quality set of jacks and ramps are typically appreciated a lot since doing repairs or adjustments can often require him to get underneath the car with ample clearance to work.

4. Hammock and Hammock Stand

Make him the picture of relaxation with a hammock that he can string up between some trees and have a contented, lazy day hanging out on. Make sure to get a hammock that he can have for years, and use it anywhere he goes. A few companies make hammocks from parachute taffeta material that is durable, strong and breathable. These hammocks pack down to almost nothing and are a reasonable cost for what you’re getting.

If he already has a hammock that he loves, consider getting something to help him enjoy it even more. If you don’t have yard space, a hammock stand can be a marvelous adaptation for the existing hammock. It can set up easily anywhere, taking up not too much space when folded, and it can make any spot a good spot for a hammock, like on a balcony or porch. It’s difficult to use a hammock in colder weather though, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be able to enjoy it still. You can get an underquilt or sleeping bag that he can use to stay toasty while in the hammock.

5. Bramwell Brown Clock

A personalised, classic gift that you can give to him is an heirloom-quality clock that is dual purpose with a barometer to forecast the weather. The wall clock can be customised by Bramwell Brown to commemorate his special day. Each clock also features a window that displays the weather for the day, with text and a cute pictorial that has images to depict the outside conditions.

The clocks are hand-assembled and come in various sizes, and there are limited editions that have different themed pictures in the windows to suit his style.

6. Coffee and Espresso Machine

For the caffeine lover, going without a quality-made drink can be its own little hardship. Make his mornings special by gifting him a coffee machine that can be set to brew his favourite drinks. One with an included grinder that grinds the beans fresh before every cup can ensure that his coffee is delicious all the way to the bottom of his mug.

Whether he likes a latte, or an espresso or cappuccino, a good machine will be able to brew them all. Take his coffee game to the next level with steamers, macchiatos and mochas that are ready in just a few moments. He’ll appreciate the touch when he’s having breakfast and has a hot (or cold) caffeinated drink at the ready. 

7. Garden and Lawncare Implements

Having more time at home might mean the chance to work on the garden outside. Make sure that he’s got the right tools for the job so that he can beautify and cultivate the space to his tastes. Once started, checking in on the garden can become a meditative activity for him as well and for the man that works from home now, it can be refreshing to see physical growth while the world has stopped.

Consider helping him to pick out fresh veggies that he can grow and enjoy in a meal, or native plants that will make the garden look stunning and offer shelter for bees and other pollinators. You can also get gardening tools that he doesn’t have, like a cultivator, weeder or lopper to help trim bulkier trees and shrubs. Take a look at your local online home hardware store for equipment that can help him either get started or continue to maintain his garden.

8. Exercise and Fitness

A great way to show him that you care is to gift exercise equipment so that he can stay healthy and active even during quarantine. This could be as simple as a new pair of running shoes, or something more complex like a home stepping machine. Figure out what kind of exercise and fitness he’s into and then get equipment accordingly.

For the yoga master, maybe a stretch band or yoga block would be appreciated, or for a weight lifter, a kettlebell or hand strengthener. There are various sets that could be great additions to a home gym, so depending on your budget and his interests, there is likely something that will help him to stay active.

9. Quality Loose-leaf Tea

Tea is an ideal gift in the sense that everyone likes and has it, but can always have more. Stock up on his favourite teas or surprise with some unconventional varieties so that he’s never without a cup during lockdown.

It’s a wonderful item to give because it offers warmth and comfort in a trying time, and can be used as he feels without needing to rush to finish it. If the birthday guy is a tea-lover, then this is a surefire successful gift. A cup of tea at the end of the day is a hard thing to not appreciate, even during lockdown.

Whether you’re shopping for your father, brother, cousin, partner or other man in your life, think about the message that you want to send. A birthday during lockdown is easy to get overlooked, so gift something that says you care, you’re thinking of him, and you wish for better times for future birthdays.

Don’t hesitate to offer some quality time as well--whether it’s a socially-distanced walk or a video call, or if you’re quarantining together, spending some time on an activity that he’d like to do. A gift that says you appreciate him is the best kind of gift to give, so choose something that sends that message to him on his special day.

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