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Wedding gifts that stand the test of time…

Our Top Five Wedding Gift Ideas

As wedding invites for this year's planned nuptials start rolling in, it's got us thinking about the 'wedding season' and, also, what the best gifts to take along to these celebrations are. 

Between the Bramwell Brown team, we’ve been to a good few wedding celebrations over the years and have compiled our top 5 wedding gift recommendations here. This might be useful if there is no wedding list to consult. Or, if you're like us and don't like to follow some of the lists because the happy couple may never remember which of their guests gave them what!

So here they are, our top five wedding gift ideas:


1. Make their honeymoon extra special 

Do you know where the couple are going on honeymoon, if not, can you find out? Treating them to surprise extras (which they don’t find out about until they are on holiday) is a truly special gift. A spa day at their hotel, a once in the lifetime excursion or a meal they will never forget, are all pretty fabulous gifts and something they will remember for years to come


2. Think outside the (present) box

Dinner services, kitchen aids and toasters are all very well and good but what do the happy couple really love doing? Perhaps they are the adventurous type – if so, why not buy them a tent with a label attached saying ‘Enjoy a night under the stars together’ or if they love to travel, treat them to his and hers matching or personalised luggage?


3. Money

It may sound obvious, impersonal and not very thoughtful to give money, however it is often what couples really want! Most young (and not so young) couples are saving hard for something – whether that be an amazing honeymoon, house, car or a piece of sought after furniture or art. To make the gift of money more thoughtful you could always combine your gift with a beautiful handmade card or written letter to the couple. Alternatively you could attach it to a lovely photo frame to express a bit of your personality and show that you’ve thought about their gift.


4. Drinks collection

Most couples these days live together already, so have everything they need for the house. Why not treat them instead by adding to their wine collection? A bottle to open now, with another to open in 10 years and possibly 20 years – is a really nice touch and something to look forward to on future anniversaries!


5. Gifts to stand the test of time…

As you may have guessed, we get a lot of orders for Weather Clocks for wedding gifts. They are especially unique and can also be personalised with names and a date (to ensure no one forgets!). Giving a personalised present like a clock, or a piece of art means that the present will go on a journey with the couple throughout the rest of their lives and remind them of their special day and friend/family member that bought it for them.

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Wedding Gift Weather Clocks

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