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Six of the World's Coolest Clocks

What are the world’s coolest clocks? And what makes for a 'cool clock'? That’s a question we asked ourselves when inventing Bramwell Brown’s first weather forecasting clocks.

We designed our own clocks to turn heads and make people smile. They are intended to be different, special and unique clocks that can look fantastic on any wall they hang on.

We also love other special timepieces that do the same. So here, in our humble opinion are the World’s 6 Coolest Clocks for your own home or place of work.

1. The Bombe Nixie Clock by Bad Dog Designs

Coolest clocks in the world - Number 1

A tribute to Alan Turing (Turing played a pivotal role in cracking intercepted coded messages that helped win the Second World War) this clock is a faithful reproduction of the original machine. The clock will also code break! With just 10 clocks made by our friends at Bad Dog Designs – this is one seriously cool clock…

2. ClockClock24 by Humans Since 1982

 Cool Wall Clock

Both a kinetic sculpture and a functioning clock, the amazing aspect of this clock is that it visually represents the abstract concept of time as well as reporting the actual time! With a limited run of 950 clocks, these timepieces are made in Sweden and ooze coolness.

 3. Wedding Anniversary Countdown Clock by Mr Jones Watches

 Really cool clock


We love this clever clock that could save you from a whole heap of trouble! Made by our old neighbours at Oxo Tower Wharf in London, Mr Jones, the clock counts down the days until your wedding anniversary and the window at the bottom of the clock shows the traditional gift associated with each anniversary.

 4. The Tectonic Clock by Andreas Vang

 One of the coolest clocks to own


This clock has moving keys that it uses in place of hands. Each passing hour and minute is represented by a shift in the surface. What we love about this clock is that it allows you to both see and feel time. 

5. Ring Clock by Vadim Kibardin

The coolest clock to have at home 

This uber cool clock uses LEDs to indicate the current time, lighting up the exact hour on the inner ring and the minutes on the outer indicators! Hang it or prop it up – it’s a certainly a talking piece!

6. Copper Weather Clock by Bramwell Brown!

 Really cool clock for your home

How could we do a list of cool clocks and not include our very own Weather Clock! The Weather Clock is an innovative reinvention of the traditional barometer. With a little theatre of moving clouds within the clock, it cleverly forecasts the day's weather with scenes of sunny spells and stormy downpours. In a world of digital screens, our clocks are beautifully analogue.

So what do you think? Which clock takes the crown of coolest clock?

Or perhaps there are some clocks we have left out – we’d love to hear your thoughts and cool clock finds! Tag us on Instagram: @bramwellbrown 

And to see some really unique clocks, we also do design and produce a Limited Edition range of Weather Clock. Hand-assembled at our workshop in strictly limited quantities, these Weather Clocks are real collectibles.

Coolest Clocks in the World