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50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

His 50th birthday is big a milestone, so it’s important to pick out a gift that he’ll appreciate and love. It might be a challenge to get something that suits him, especially if he’s a person that has what he needs or doesn’t seem to need much. However, with a little patience and searching, there are wonderful gifts that he’ll appreciate. Take a look at the examples below for ideas of what to get him on his special day.

Shadow Box

shadow box gift

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A monogrammed and personalised shadow box where he can show off his collection of corks over the years is a wonderful gift. Like a fine vintage, turning 50 is a big event and the metaphor of wine corks likely won’t be lost on him. The shadow box can be personalised on your own if you’re handy with a permanent marker or etching compound, otherwise you can have it done professionally. Consider putting his name on the glass and the year that he becomes 50.

Massage Cushion

massage cushion

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Even if he’s in the best shape of his life, the twinges and aches of age can still creep up and pulled muscles take longer to heal now. Soothe those muscles with a shiatsu massage cushion. They come in a variety of sizes, and can target specific areas like the lower back or shoulders. It’s a great gift for the man that needs some time to relax and wants to make the most of that time.

Camping Gear

camping shoes
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If he’s one who loves to get into the backcountry to explore, relax and reconnect, then you might consider getting him a gift that he can use in the great outdoors. A durable tent is always appreciated, but you can consider wool socks to stay warm even when wet or camping shoes that dry quickly and have great grip for if he’s going to be portaging. Even a smaller tool like a mini hatchet or extra tent pegs can be a good gift for the man who wants to be prepared.

Bramwell Brown Clock

Bramwell Brown Weather Clock

A commemorative clock can be a stellar gift for the man who has it all. Bramwell Brown Weather Clock is a piece of art constructed by hand to feature whimsical weather scenes that predict the day’s weather. The clock can be personalised to honour his 50th birthday and how far he’s come in life. Plus, it’ll help him stay on time and appropriately dressed for the weather.

Learning to Fly

Flying lessons

There are some courses that he can take to learn to fly a small plane like a Cessna. If he’s always dreamed of flying, or had an interest in taking to the skies, then getting a few lessons to see if he likes it is a cool experience gift. He’s likely done a lot in his 50 years, so getting a gift of something he’s never done before is a great way to keep him feeling young. Plus, if he’s a quick study and enjoys flying, it could become one of his favourite retirement activities in the next couple years.

Night Table Wood Stand

Wood Night Table Stand

A wooden stand that sits atop his night table can help him keep his personal effects organised at the end of the day, ready for the morning when he needs them again. The stand has a charger port for his phone and a tray for keys, rings and change. There are also two short arms that extend out so that he can place his watch on after he takes it off for the day. It’s an effective storage system that is also compact and helps to keep his essentials safe nearby.

Beer Subscription Set

Beer subscription

If he’s into the latest craft brews and enjoys trying new beers, he might appreciate a beer subscription set that sends interesting and flavourful beers every month. There are a few services that offer the subscription and you can adjust it to suit him--whether that’s a case of different hand-selected beers each month or a single brew to try every other week.

Car Accessories

Old Car in front of garage

If one of his passions is his vehicle, think about getting a few things that he’d want for his car. Working in his garage on his prized car can be an extraordinary meditative and satisfying process (as well as frustrating at times). Think about something he could use when tinkering away, like a jack stand, a multipurpose socket set, car ramps or oil change wrench so that he can take care of his car and keep it in good shape.

Weighted Blanket

weighted blanket
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Help him get better, restful sleep with a weighted blanket. A weighted blanket offers a comforting and gentle press while he sleeps. With one, it can help him fall asleep faster and stay asleep. Make sure to get the right weight for him, around 10% of his body weight. Be sure to check that the blanket is breathable so he doesn’t get too hot in the night, and try to find one that is machine washable or has a cover that comes with it. Be sure to pick one with glass or plastic beads as organic matter won’t last or be able to be washed.

Folio Society Book

Folio. Society Book

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Founded in London in 1947, The Folio Society publishes carefully crafted editions of the world’s finest literature. The company re-makes the greatest titles with beautiful binding,  unique typography, custom illustrations and high quality paper. Wether he likes fiction or non-fiction you can find something suitable for high 50th birthday. Make sure you sign it as it makes the book something greater than beautiful illustrations and nice looking cover. 

Donation in His Name

If there’s a cause that is near to his heart, consider making a donation in his name to a charity or foundation that supports what he cares about. Perhaps he’s an avid hiker and loves nature--a donation to a nature conservatory could be quite meaningful to him and help preserve the areas he loves. Or maybe he has struggled with mental health and a donation to a crisis centre or mental health service ensures that people like him have the chance to get the help they need. Most charities will have a card that comes with the donation, so you can show him what he’s helping to create and sustain.

Smart Watch

smart watch

For the man on the go, having a smartwatch makes sense to keep him connected and on time. As a stylish accessory, a smartwatch can be a great gift since there are so many different styles to suit his taste. Pick something unique that expresses his personality--whether it’s a sleek, minimalist design or a warm, elegant wooden-cased time-teller. Once it’s connected to his phone via Bluetooth, it’ll be a convenient way for him to navigate, send messages and set reminders and alarms.

Tea and Treats

tea gift

A simple and humble gift for the man that has everything he needs! Get him a set of his favourite teas and some treats, perhaps biscuits or chocolate for that sweet tooth. It’s a brilliant gift to give because it’s never out of style and he can appreciate it as he consumes it. Tea and biscuits are great for sharing, so you can also offer quality time spent together. This is an ideal gift for the man that says he doesn’t need or want anything for his birthday. Tea and his favourite snacks are hard to resist and are a simple treat for someone who has everything already.

Help with Chores

Maybe he’s got a to-do list longer than seems possible, and if you’re short on cash, this can be a great way to help him out and remove some items from the list. Make sure that you tell him, so that his birthday can be a day spent completely relaxing and de-stressing as someone else takes care of the tasks on his list. It might mean putting away the deck or patio furniture, staining the fence or filling up his barbeque tank--whatever it is, try to take the ones that he drags his feet to get done since those will likely be appreciated the most.

Whether it’s your partner, father, brother or close friend, making his 50th birthday special doesn’t need to involve a lot of planning and hard work. Think about the things that he likes and perhaps needs, and use this day to spoil him. Let him know that turning 50 is a great milestone and it reflects his experience and wisdom. He doesn’t need to feel like he’s becoming an old man, and you can reassure that with lots of support and love.

His 50th birthday can be a fun event, where he’s treated and has earned the day to do whatever he wants. Your gift can go along with giving him the time off that he deserves. Consider going on a walk or hike with him for quality time, as likely some of his greatest accomplishments are the bonds that he’s made over his lifetime.

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