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Gift Ideas for Women in their 30s

Maybe she’s turning 30 this year, or she’s been enjoying her 30s for a little while now, and you’re trying to find her the perfect gift to express how much she matters. Deciding on something practical or pretty can be tough. She might be the kind of woman who has everything or she may be one who claims to not need anything. Though it can be hard to shop for her sometimes, we’ve put together a list of fun, cute and useful gifts to help inspire the right present for her.

unique wall clock

Bramwell Brown Weather Clock

This is particularly a great gift to mark a milestone, so if she’s turning 30 or just achieved a huge career move, or is starting a family, this heirloom-quality wall clock is a wonderful decor piece. It can be personalised with text and features a moving weather scene that is predicted by a barometer so she knows what to wear before heading out for the day. The clock may look like a simple and whimsical timepiece, but it belies expert handcrafting and technology underneath its face.

MasterClass Subscription

If she’s a life-long learner, she might really love diving into a course on MasterClass. The service offers experts in the field, often popular figures in the world, teaching their craft or trade. The videos have great production quality and are inspiring. If she’s been talking about wanting to get into a new hobby or learn a new skill, this might be the present that helps to stoke that fire. There are workbooks as well to practice the new knowledge.

Bathtub Caddy

This is the perfect gift for a woman who loves to sit in her tub. It helps her keep essentials right at hand and it’s a great spot to put a wineglass or book as she soaks. The caddy rests on the rim of the tub, stretching across to provide a stable surface for her to ensure that important items don’t get wet. They come in a variety of styles, but the most popular is usually made of teak wood and features a minimalist design with dedicated space for a drink and wide enough for a towel to rest.

Shiatsu Massager

A wonderful treat for sore muscles and a perfect way to relax after a long day, the shiatsu massager is ideal to massage away tension and stress in her home. She doesn’t need to go anywhere or book an appointment to have anxieties melted away while she binges her favourite show or reads a good book.

Insulated Wine Glass

On a hot day, an insulated wine glass is essential for having a chilled vintage. It can also be used for beer or any other cold beverage. The insulated wine glass is typically made of double-walled metal and can come in a wide range of colours and textures. Some feature sparkles or prints, and some come with a silicone cover for extra grip for if she’s dancing, playing or just having fun.

Birthstone Earrings

Get her earrings that match her birth month, and pick a set that suits her style best. If she’s more conservative with her jewellery, consider small studs. If she’s more flashy, think more like raw stone dangling earrings or climber earrings that twist up the side of her ear. Keep in mind the type of metal, as some women can only hypoallergenic earrings like silver, gold or rhodium.

White Water Rafting

A perfect idea for the outdoorsy thrillseeker, this experience gift lets her surf rough waters and make memories as she paddles around twists and turns. It’s a good gift for anyone who wants to have some adventure or even just get out of their comfort zone. Going down a river with a few of her best friends, laughing and screaming is a good way to remind her of the things in life that she has yet to experience.

Yoga Accessories

If she’s into yoga or wants to try more stretching to stay limber, consider some great yoga gifts that would work for her. Be sure to stick to her style, and opt for designs and colours that speak to her. It’s easy to get a plain yoga mat, so get her one with some character--especially one that features poses right on the surface so she doesn’t need to make up her own routine. Consider grippy toe-less socks, or blocks, or a wide exercise band so that she can comfortably stretch at home or the gym.

Compact Blender

A blender like the Magic Bullet can make meals, prep, smoothies and sauces in mere moments, and can help her level up her cooking and food skills. There are a lot of fun jobs that a blender does as well, like help her host an event with mixed drinks. Plus, if she’s feeling like having a power shake or smoothie, it’s an easy task for her to do with a powerful blender.

Monogrammed Robe

If she’s a hard worker that’s earned your respect, treat her with a personalised, monogrammed plush robe. A fluffy robe after a tough day can be the ultimate comfort paired with her favourite activity and a delicious meal. Pamper her with a robe in a pastel or bold colour, and look for one that will last a long time. You might choose terrycloth if she tends to shower and then put on a robe, or a light housecoat for the summer, or the all-time popular soft, plush robe to keep her warm and cosy.


Help her keep track of time and her fitness and nutrition with a smartwatch that connects to her phone. In addition to telling the time, her watch can help her remember appointments and set alarms for her to be punctual. She can also use the device to keep on top of her exercise activity and water intake. It’s easy to get consumed in a task to the point that she forgets to drink water or get up and stretch for a few minutes. A smartwatch (by her favourite brand) can help her improve her fitness.

Cricut Machine

For the crafty lady who has a project (or two!) on the go, consider getting her a Cricut machine. She can get as creative as she wants with this machine, since it can cut a wide variety of materials including paper, fabric, leather and wood. It can also score patterns, write and add effects to projects. It’s a handy tool for anyone who is into papercrafts, sewing, stencilling and more to add decals, personalise things or create patterns to work from. The Cricut Maker is a wonderful way to put a professional-looking touch on everything she creates.

Coffee and Espresso Bar Machine

Give her the gift that lets her skip the line at the coffee shop, with a full-service system to make everything from lattes with extra foam to creamy steamers to a strong shot of espresso. Let her choose her drink of the day and preset her favourite morning cuppa. Opt for a machine that doesn’t use pods if she’s eco-conscious and instead grinds the beans on demand for a brew. For the summer, she can make cold brews or coffee over ice to still get that hit of caffeine in the morning.

Robot Smart Vacuum

Help her cut down her chores with a robot vacuum to keep hard floors and carpets clean. The vacuum can be scheduled to run when she’s not at home and specific routes can be set for the vacuum to work in high traffic areas. It can give her peace of mind to have clean floors without having to sweep up herself. Pick one with wet and dry mopping to ensure that the floors are spotless.

Personalised Puzzle

If she enjoys winding down with a quiet activity and a glass of wine, consider getting her a puzzle of something she loves. You can set the difficulty level by selecting how many pieces you want and use a picture of something meaningful to her. Some great suggestions include her first home, a beloved pet, a picture of a serene place she loves, or a piece of art that inspires her. As she puts the puzzle together, she gets to slowly reveal the thoughtful gift that you’ve given.

Though it can sometimes be confusing or tricky to shop for the woman in her 30s who has it all, there are still options that can make great gifts. You might have to get creative in thinking about what suits her best, and try to anticipate her needs. Some of the best gifts are ones that lighten her daily load or add joy to her life.

Gifts that help to affirm what she’s accomplished in her life or remind her of the woman that she’s grown into are wonderful ways of expressing appreciation for the woman in your life in her 30s. A gift that comforts and pampers her are often beloved gifts that can last years and years, so pick wisely and enjoy her smile as she unwraps her gift!

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