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Best 2021 Fathers’ Day Gifts

Being a father is not without its rewards, and celebrating him on this day is a wonderful way to make sure he knows how appreciated he is as a dad. Getting dad a gift can show that you support him as a good father, but it can be tricky to know what to get.

Do you get something practical that he can use in his everyday life, or do you get him something commemorative that he can enjoy later? Depending on his personality and lifestyle, one idea might be better than the other, and if you’re in doubt, ask him what would be best. We’ll go through some gift ideas to help you pick out just the right thing for dad.

Commemorative Calendar

family calendar

Let him flip through a calendar of memories, showcasing the life stages of his kids--from baby, to teen to now. A calendar that features sweet photographs of his child’s life can spark long lost memories that he can reflect on throughout the day. It can also help dad stay on track with appointments and events. Later on, it’s a great keepsake to look back on.

Bramwell Brown Clock

Bramwell Brown Weather Clock - father day gift

There are a few things that make truly great heirloom items for parents to pass down. Bramwell Brown Weather Clock is one such item. The clock features a barometer that forecasts the weather through words and pictograms. It is hand-assembled and can be customised with the day that dad became a father. It is a touching gift that has a lot of sentimental meaning.

Board Games

Board games fathers day

Gifting dad a board game can be a fun way for him to connect his grown-up kids again in a way that reminds them of all the good times past. Get dad a board game that matches his skills and interests, or get something that he and his adult children have to learn together. Cooperative games encourage teamwork and communication, but competitive games can bring out fun strategies and create stories to tell later.

Coffee Subscription

coffee set fathers day

If dad is a coffee-lover and can’t wait for his fix of caffeine, you might want to sign him up for a coffee subscription. While it’s always lovely to go out to a cafe and lounge with a handmade coffee, he might appreciate making his morning brew at his own convenience. Make sure that he can still enjoy the coffees that he’s used to by having his favourite blends delivered right to his door. Or, if he’s not crazy about coffee, consider a tea subscription instead.

Bluetooth Speaker

bluetooth speaker fathers day

If dad loves jamming out to his tunes, or likes to listen to podcasts as he tinkers on his latest project, consider getting him a small, portable Bluetooth speaker. Once set up, he can have it nearby and enjoy himself as he works on his car, grills or tidies up around the house. You can even opt for one that is waterproof so that he doesn’t need to worry about it being near the water and getting damaged. For the audiophile dad, make sure you get something with high-quality sound so that he isn’t listening to static.

Pocket Knife

pocket  knife fathers day gift

Don’t underestimate the usefulness of a pocket knife. It can be handy for a dad that is outdoors or constantly working on things. They’re universal tools that can be used to open up mail, cut threads, prying at stuck projects, and even tightening screws in a pinch. You can get his name or his kids’ names engraved on the handle for that extra personalised touch. Be sure to get one with a clip or jumpring so he can keep it on his person.

Scratch-Off Poster

scratch  off  poster

Does dad ever struggle to find his next movie or book? Help him take out the indecision with a poster that he can scratch off as he completes each piece of media. It can track his goals and help him visually see how much he’s accomplished, and it’s a fun way to catch up on movies that he might have missed out on over the years.

Beer Making Kit

beer making kit  fathers  day gift

If he loves a good brew, give him everything he needs to make his own personal beer with a kit. Depending on what kind of brews he likes, you can pick out a kit that will let him make his favourite IPAs, ales or lagers. The kit will usually include a siphon, instructions, recipes, fermentors and everything else that he’d need for homebrewing. There are even labels included in most kits so that he can personalise his brew.

Luxury Chess Set

luxury chess setImage source:

A chess set from a place like House of Staunton is a wonderful gift, since it can function as a decor piece and still be played as a board game. It can be an ideal way for dad to bond with his adult children when they visit and he can even keep a game running if it gets interrupted. The wooden chess sets are handcrafted and feature various styles that dad will love. Get something that suits his personality and taste. You can also just upgrade his current chess pieces if he’s already got a set he loves.

Wood-Fired Oven

Pizza oven
Image source:


If dad loves making pizzas from scratch, help him level up his pizza game by getting him a wood-fired oven. Gozney offers a wide selection for dad, including a portable oven, a counter top model and one that he can build himself in his backyard. The portable one uses either gas or wood, so that he can choose what kind of cooking he wants to do and it’s great for camping since it comes with retractable legs and a detachable burner. The counter top version lets him roast, smoke and steam foods so it’s great for more than just pizza.

Special Bottle of Whiskey

whiskey fathers day

Get him something flavourful for his bar, and treat him with a special bottle. The Wild Turkey Longbranch is one that is filtered through Texas mesquite and oak charcoal for a smoky taste. Or a bottle of Four Roses Small Batch Select, which features tastes of dried fruit and spices for that warmth on a cold day. Knob Creek also offers a great whiskey that is aged in charred barrels and has a whiff of vanilla.

Cigar Humidor

humidor  fathers day gift

If there’s nothing that dad loves more than that first taste of a cigar, consider getting him a humidor full of them. The humidor helps to control airflow as the cigar matures and ages and it keeps a humidity range of 70 to 75 percent. You can get ones that come with hygrometers in order to measure the level of humidity, but if you get a decent humidor, it isn’t truly necessary. Be sure to get an appropriate size humidor for dad--if he’s an occasional smoker, get a smaller box, and if it’s a favourite way to relax, a larger one is likely more fitting. And to win dad’s heart with this gift, pack it loosely with his favourite cigars.

Garden Kit Seat

garden tool seat

Does dad love to be in his garden, planting, trimming and shaping his turf? Consider getting him a tool seat. This acts as a seat, with pockets for all his tools and gear. The best part? If dad’s knees are starting to feel the brunt of kneeling in the garden, this seat is perfect to use as a chair while he works. The inside can also store larger items, so it’s a safe spot to put a water bottle or speaker as he putters about in the garden.

Guitar Pick Punch

guitar picks

Maybe dad was a guitar enthusiast in his earlier life or maybe he’s been a lifelong guitar player. Something that every guitar owner needs are new picks, especially if he’s losing them or breaking them. The guitar pick punch allows him to use any sturdy plastic like a credit card, thick plastic packaging or old gift cards. It’ll save him some money and let him get creative with the look of his picks.

Choosing a good fathers’ day gift can be tricky, but it helps to think about what dad needs most to enjoy this stage of his life. Sometimes that means gifts that keep him healthy and active so that he can continue to be the best father that he can. Indulging in his hobbies is a wonderful way to show him you care and how much you appreciate him.


For the dad that has everything, or says he doesn’t need anything, consider heirloom gifts like the commemorative calendar or a clock from Bramwell Brown.

Experience gifts are also good options because they build memories with him and can be a sweet way to bond with him. If you’re really lost on what to get him, it doesn’t hurt to ask. Remember, just because he knows what the gift is doesn’t mean he’ll appreciate it any less, and you’d rather get him something he can use and appreciate rather than things that don’t mean much to him.

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