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Bespoke Colour Weather Clock

Bramwell Brown is excited to share a new way to personalise your Weather Clock! We’re launching Bespoke Colours, a service with our partners that lets you pick the exact colour of wall clock that fits for your decor.

Most wall clocks come in standard colours, often neutrals, and finding a clock in the colour of your choice can be a frustrating hunt sometimes. Whether you want that rich forest green or bubblegum pink, or even something subtler like a pale blue, Bramwell Brown is now offering the chance to select the colour of your choice. With the use of a RAL colour chart, together with our customers, we collaborate on finishing your Weather Clock with the colour that speaks to you the most.

Bespoke Colour Weather Clock

The Bespoke Colours Process

We work with you to select a colour that is ideal for your decor and design needs. After choosing a colour from a physical RAL colour chart, Bramwell Brown can confirm that the colour is obtainable by our frame painters. The price starts at £590 for the wall clock and its customisation. However, it should be noted that some RAL colours are quite rare and that can make them challenging to get a hold of. Despite this, our team will do everything we can to ensure that you get the colour of your choice.

Our highly-skilled powder coaters are based in Yorkshire, and spray the pigments on our clock frames to create a unique, customised clock according to your specifications. The entire process from consultation to finished product takes about six weeks since it is hand-assembled in our workshop by our professionals.

Win Your Own Bespoke Colours Clock

We want to celebrate the launch of Bespoke Colours since we’re convinced it’ll be a wonderful addition to anyone’s home. We’ve partnered with Sophia of @thiscolourfulnest, a home decor expert who is a savant with colour, and together we’re running a competition for you to win your own Bespoke Colour Weather Clock!

Sophia’s own clock, RAL 3015 (or better known as Hellrosa Pink) is a lovely dusty pink that blends with her stunning interior styling. To enter the contest, simply be a follower of @thiscolourfulnest and @bramwellbrown, and tag a friend on Sophia’s Instagram post in order to have your name dropped into the hat.

Our contest is running on June 26th and 27th of 2021, with the winner chosen at random on the 28th. You’ll get the chance to work with our design team in order to customise your own Bespoke Colour Weather Clock with the RAL shade of your choosing. We’re thrilled to make this offer as Bramwell Brown is committed to sharing beautiful home decor and we know that our Bespoke Colours will be loved in its new home. (See below for Terms and Conditions.)

Our Founders’ Own Colour Choices

We think that the colours that a person picks is a pretty good representation of who they are and their style. Bramwell Brown’s founders, Rob and Sarah, have both seen and personally tested the Bespoke Colours process and tracked how a clock travels from our workshop to the powder coaters and back.

Sarah chose RAL 4003, Heather Violet, to place her Bespoke Colours clock in her kitchen. It may seem like an unconventional choice, but it truly pops because it’s so unusual for a timepiece. She is absolutely thrilled with how it’s turned out and it complements the rest of her kitchen decor in a way she couldn’t have anticipated.

Rob, on the other hand, went with a more classic shade. His choice was RAL 5013, a stunning Cobalt Blue that goes with tradition and is a deeper shade than our Summer Blue. The Bespoke Colours clock fits right at home with the rest of his decor and even though it’s a subtler choice than Sarah’s, it still makes for a timepiece crafted with intention.

A Wide Selection of Colours

In working with a RAL colour chart, we’re able to offer over 2000 colours for our most discerning customers. Each colour varies in how readily available it is, but we’re able to work with you to figure out what the best solution is for your decor needs. 

We expect yellows and reds to become a popular choice, but we’re most excited to see what colour requests we get from our customers. Our powder coaters made two more example colours, one a Raspberry Red (RAL 3027) and another in Sulphur Yellow (RAL 1016). Fun fact: back in 2015, when Bramwell Brown was just starting, our founders toyed with the idea of having a red-coloured clock when introducing the first few selections of their range.

Getting an exactly matched colour for your own decor is one of the small luxuries in decor and life. You might notice that you’ve got quite a few pieces of the same colour and need the right shade in a clock to tie your decor together. Our clocks are designed to showcase the intricate moving mechanical artwork inside. The art inside the clock is framed by the minimalist face in order to not pull focus and then it’s completed by the clock frame that holds everything together. Much the same way you choose a picture or art frame carefully to accent the piece and your surrounding decor, choosing the right colour frame for the clock is a similar endeavour.

Rob notes that for him and his wife, after having just finished their kitchen, they noticed that there were several objects that were the same shade of blue. Being able to customise the clock so that they were matching made the Bespoke Colours a very special part of their home that was able to bring the kitchen together.

Sarah, on the other hand, worked to choose a colour that fit with the artwork that she’s got on her walls. Her style trends more toward contemporary art, and the light pink frame of the clock is a great accompaniment to the pieces in the room.

How Bramwell Brown is able to Offer Customisation

Part of what makes us at Bramwell Brown able to offer such customisation is the fact that our clocks are made in the Great Britain, and all of our parts, suppliers, workshops and partners are located nearby. We’re able to react to customisation orders from our customers in a reasonable timeframe because every link of the supply chain is close together.

Our Yorkshire-based powder coaters have been wonderful partners in turning customers’ dreams into reality, and they can be tall orders to fill when we’re making each clock by hand from over 100 parts. Our suppliers are integral in every stage of fulfilling an order and we make the most of what we’re all able to accomplish by having many of our providers based in the UK.

Terms and Conditions for the Contest

To make sure that everyone is on the same page, in order to enter, you’ll need to be following both @thiscolourfulnest and @bramwellbrown on Instagram and then tag a friend on Sophia’s post. It’s that simple!

The winner will get to customise a frame for our regular-sized Weather Clock (not a Large or Limited Edition Clock). The winner can choose their colour for customisation from a RAL colour chart, and though not every colour will be available, the majority of them will be and we’ll do everything in our powers to attain your preferred colour. When it comes to picking the colour, use the online RAL chart as guide but select your final colour from a physical RAL chart as computer monitors and web browsers often don’t show the true hue of your choice. The competition is open to entrants located at UK and EU addresses.

To everyone who enters, good luck! We look forward to working with the winner on designing their perfect Bespoke Colour Weather Clock.

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Bespoke Colour Weather Clock