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Bespoke Colour Weather Clock

Choose any RAL colour and we'll make your very special Weather Clock come to life at our workshop.

Whether it's your favourite hue or simply a colour shade that really works for a certain room in your home, the Bramwell Brown team will work with our powder coaters to make you an incredibly unique clock.

Type of clock:

  • Your clock, your choice of frame colour - our best-selling Weather Clock design in a clock frame painted in your preferred RAL colour. See the neighbouring "Tell me more" tab for all the details.
  • Hand finished quality - our British-made clock frames are painted to the highest quality by our powder coaters prior to being sent onto the Bramwell Brown workshop 
  • Colour advice – the helpful Bramwell Brown team will assist you in picking a RAL colour that is both obtainable by our powder coaters and will look fantastic when fitted to your Weather Clock. 
  • Both sizes of Weather Clock – the Bespoke Colour service is available for both our Regular-sized and Large-sized Weather Clocks (delivery restrictions withstanding) 
  • “I chose the pastel pink because it’s me in colour form!” - read about colour expert Sophia @thiscolourfulnest's choice of Bespoke Colour Weather Clock.
  • Simple process 
    Once you order your Bespoke Colour Weather Clock, the Bramwell Brown team will reach out you to discuss your preferred RAL colours and with tips to help you make a final decision. They will then sign your choice off with the powder coaters, confirm the order and begin the process of assembling your Weather Clock in its special frame.

  • What are RAL Colours? 
    RAL Colours are a range of industry-recognised colours catalogued by the German organisation, RAL. Their range of coded and named colours present a massive yet definable range of tones that can then be sourced by our painters.

  • Rare and unobtainable colours 
    Very occasionally RAL Colours of certain tones are especially difficult to source due to their rarity. On these occasions, our powder coaters will either not be able to offer the requested tone, or only at huge expense. We will do everything we can to obtain your preferred colour whilst also consulting you on options available.

  • Screen versus physical colour charts 
    Your computer screen will not quite show the same tone as a printed RAL colour sample. And, as part of your order process, it’s really important that you see your preferred choice of colour in the flesh prior to signing off on an order. Don’t worry, though, the team can advise on physical samples!

  • How long does it take?
    From the time of confirming your choice of colour with us, assembly of your custom-built clock and delivery to you takes 4-6 weeks if it’s a regular-sized (33cm/13”) clock or 8-10 weeks if it’s a large-sized (53cm/21”) clock.

  • Personalise your clock with a bespoke clock face or plaque
    A Weather Clock is a wonderful item to mark an event, person or memory. The only thing better? Having one assembled specially for the occasion, with a personal message printed on the clock face or, alternatively, a plaque attached to the back of the clock. The Bramwell Brown assembly team are always incredibly proud to make personalised clocks.

  • Certificate of Authenticity
    As with every Weather Clock made by Bramwell Brown, your Bespoke Colour Weather Clock will come with a Certificate of Authenticity. This badge of honour is signed by the team members that assembled it for you

  • Dimensions
    Regular-size: 33cm (13 inches) diameter & 12.5cm (5 inches) deep
    Large-size (delivery restrictions withstanding): 53cm (21 inches) diameter & 12.5cm (5 inches) deep

  • Quality materials
    Just like the rest of the Bramwell Brown range, your clock will be made from high quality parts: German-made Quartz mechanism keeps the clock hands on time. Steel clock frame is hand spun, welded and finished in England. Printed clock face sits behind the anodised metal minute and hour hands. Weather artwork is printed on artboard. The clock window is shatterproof Lumex.

  • Runs on regular batteries
    Included, of course, with all clocks.

  • Delivery information
    Regular-size (33cm / 13") clocks: Once neatly packed up at the workshop, these are shipped by trackable courier. If you're in the UK, delivery is free and takes 1-2 working days. Orders placed before 2pm Monday-Friday are shipped that same day. Read more here.
    Large-size (53cm / 21") clocks: Due to their incredibly delicate nature, delivery is only possible via our specialist door to door couriers in limited areas of the United Kingdom. You can read more about Large Clock delivery here.

  • Ordering overseas?
    We love sending our Regular-sized Weather Clocks (33cm / 13”) around the world. Our Large Weather Clocks (53cm / 21”) can only be delivered within certain parts of the UK by our specialist couriers, though. They are just too delicate to send via regular couriers as cargo. All orders of Regular-sized clocks to EU countries and the USA will arrive with no duties or local tariffs payable. Read more about our shipping.

  • Have any questions?
    The team will be in touch with you straight after you place your order to help you through the process. However, if you want to ask a question prior to an order we’d be really happy to help. Please get in touch here.