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Meet the Content Creator and their Weather Clock - Sophia @thiscolourfulnest

This week we are speaking to Sophia from @thiscolourfulnest

Can you tell us about yourself?

My name's Sophia and I adore all things pink! I really get a kick out of a finished project and a freshly decorated room… especially if it’s bursting full of pastel colours. I’ll likely be caught with a paint brush in hand when I’m meant to be doing something else! I have two beautiful little redhead girls and a husband who would be painted pink if he stood still long enough!! We live in our dream family home in the countryside...we just need to add a dog to the mix!

How did @thiscolourfulnest come about?

It came about from a previous account handle ‘@thismotherbakes’. I had a huge penchant for baking and still do! I chanced my arm at sharing home interiors by taking part in a hashtag challenge in March 2020. Then lockdown hit, I won the hashtag challenge, Farrow and Ball shared my rainbow mural, two other colour lovers and I created our own hashtag ‘@colourfulhomevibe’ … and the rest is pretty much history!

Have you always been into colour?

Simply put, yes! I’ve never been able to stick to a ‘favourite colour’. I love so many! Pastels definitely over bright shades and neons etc. But I love a mix of all of them when decorating!

Why did you choose the pink bespoke colour Weather Clock?

I chose the pastel pink because it’s me in colour form! I had a rough idea of where I would hang it and knew the pink would really pop amongst our interiors. I also had a knowing feeling that I’d regret it if I didn’t go with pink!!

Where do you hang your Bramwell Brown Weather Clock and why?

I was torn with hanging it in the hallway by the pink front door, there for everyone to see and helpful when picking coats for the day. However, the living room is our most used room, thus leading me to locate a space smack bang in the middle of our popular William Morris ~ Strawberry Thief wallpaper feature wall! It stands out beautifully and sits proudly for everyone to see. I LOVE it!

Can you sum up your Bramwell Brown bespoke colour Weather Clock in three words?

Magical, nostalgic and enjoyable.

Any tips for incorporating colour into your interiors?

I’m often asked about incorporating colour into interiors as people remark on how brave I must be using colour and wishing they could be just as carefree with colour choices. I’d say it’s not bravery but confidence in making mistakes. As soon as I told myself I can always paint over it or remove the wallpaper, I took a leap of faith and painted the colours I wanted. I’m quite an impulsive decorator and enjoy visualising it in my mind and then throwing myself into the vision! Most of the time it works out. There have been the odd mishaps, such as a dark teal room ~ turns out the house didn’t suit it and I didn’t actually like it once I’d done it. That quickly got replaced with pastels!

Finally, we love mechanical/analogue objects (as you can probably tell) what mechanical/analogue items (record plays, analogue cameras etc) do you have in your home or remember from your childhood that you love(d)?

I found mechanical objects fascinating when I was younger. I loved watching how watches worked behind the face. My favourite was my family heirloom, palm sized music box. It played ‘Für Elise’ and you could watch the little keys play over the raised metal nodules of the cylinder, fascinating me for hours!

Thank you to Sophia for speaking with us. You can find out more about Sophia and her gorgeous home @thiscolourfulnest