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What's a Good Fathers’ Day Gift for a New Father

Whether he’s the father that has everything he needs, or the man that doesn’t need much, you might find Fathers’ Day a particular challenge. Especially tricky is the first Fathers’ Day--trying to find a gift that is practical, memorable and honours the milestone in dad’s life of becoming a father for the first time. We’ll look at some examples of gifts that can match the importance of this moment.

1. Instant Digital Camera

instant camera fathers day gift

There are a few brands on the market, like Instax and Polaroid, that will help him capture these precious moments as they happen. Sure, dad’s likely got a smartphone that can take pictures, but having a photograph print instantly will free up his time from selecting pictures, going to get them printed and then putting them in an album. With an instant digital camera, dad can take a picture and then tuck it into an album in just a few minutes to preserve that memory forever.

2. Weather Clock

Bramwell Brown Weather Clock

Image source: @franknewbold

The selection of clocks that Bramwell Brown offers can make a great first-time Fathers’ Day gift. They are heirloom-quality and can be passed down to the next generation when it’s time, but until then, it’s a beautiful and classic reminder to be present during these moments because soon the kids will be grown and living their own lives. 

With a barometer that forecasts the weather and depicts it through cute illustrations, dad will be ready to help his little one take on the outside world. These clocks can also be personalised with text that commemorates this milestone in dad’s life.

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3. Keepsake Illustration

There are a lot of wonderful artists on that can take a photograph and turn it into a beautiful custom work of art. You can find artists who can make the growing family into an illustrated portrait in a comic style or a cross stitch pattern that dad can then hang or set somewhere that is special to him. You might even find an artist who can make the portrait into a rendition of dad’s favourite movie. It’s a cute and constant reminder of the moment when his life changed for the better.

4. Beer or Wine Subscription

Wine subscription fathers day gift

If he’s a beer or wine connoisseur, you might want to consider getting the new dad a subscription that is delivered to his door monthly or bi-weekly. Going to the store to pick out the latest craft beer or grab a bottle of wine to share is likely very low on the priority list now, but it doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t be appreciated. You can treat dad with a customized beer selection so that when the diapers are changed and the baby is sleeping, he can relax and sip a brew.

5. Indulge His Hobbies

Home brewing hobby

Maybe he’s into woodworking, or perhaps he’s been putting off some auto work--now might be the time to get the tools and parts that he needs so that he can tinker in the garage when he has a free moment. For the really busy dad, consider something unique and easy that he can do when time is limited, like a gardening kit or a home brewing package that he can try. You want something that he’ll appreciate, so note his interests and run some ideas by his partner or family to see if it’s a good idea. 

6. Coffee Maker

Coffee maker Father's Day gift

As a new dad, he’s likely not getting much sleep. That’s why keeping him well-supplied with his favourite form of caffeine is a thoughtful gift. There are many versions to choose from, so consider dad’s tastes before picking one out. Is he more of an espresso lover or does he like a fancy latte every now and then? A safe option is an all-in-one espresso maker that can pull double-duty for whatever coffee mood your recipient has. Plus, an at-home coffee machine means that he’s ready to take on the day before even leaving home.

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7. Pamper Him

Shaving experience gift

Likely, dad doesn’t have much time anymore to attend to his personal hygiene like he used to. Make it easier to keep up by getting a shaver or razor subscription, or treating him to a professional hot shave at a local barber. It can be hard to keep up with personal grooming, so this is a gift that a new dad will appreciate. In addition, you can buy some new clothes that aren’t baby-stained so that when he has errands to run, he doesn’t need to search for the least messy outfit to put on.

8. Home Projector

Home projector gift

With a new baby, movies and dates might seem like a thing of the past, but it’s still incredibly important for the new parents to connect and relax while they raise a child. A home projector lets dad turn home into the movie theatre and gives him a chance to unwind and feel inspired without leaving home. It’s a great gift for later as well, for him to share favourite movies with his toddler to bond together.

9. Fitness and Activity Tracker

Fitness tracker fathers day gift

There are a few makes and models on the market, like Garmin and Fitbit, to help dad keep on track with his health and activity levels. With a new baby, he isn’t likely to stop getting activity, but his health is going to take a backseat to the baby’s needs. This is a gentle reminder to prompt him to take care of himself, whether it’s keeping up the morning jog or working out a few times for the week. Staying in shape is important so that dad can continue being a good parent.

10. Slow Cooker 

Slow cooker, fathers day gift

Meal prep can be especially difficult during this time, with taking care of the new baby being more than a full-time job. Finding the time to cook can be a challenge, and long complex recipes are a thing of the past. With a slow cooker, you’re helping dad to make delicious and nutritious one-pot meals that he can pretty much set up and leave alone until it’s ready. The great thing with a slow cooker is that there will be enough food for more than a couple of meals, so dad can focus more time and energy on bonding with his baby.

11. Cool Diaper Backpack

Diaper backpack

Sharing a diaper bag with your partner can get frustrating, especially if there are no pockets to carry your own items. Surprise the new dad with his own diaper bag that he can pack and organize exactly how he wants. It can later function as a weekend bag once his little one is out of diapers. Consider getting something that is dad’s style, perhaps a leather carrying pack or a bag with extra pouches for his electronics.

12. Matching Outfits

Now’s the time to get dad matching outfits for him and his baby--before they learn to talk and object to his fashion choices. You can opt for something simple and classic like the same patterned onesie and shirt, or go bold with dad’s favourite sports team or show. The possibilities are endless and matching doesn’t necessarily mean that dad and baby need to be wearing the exact same thing, the outfits could complement each other, like a Doctor Who and Companion set.

13. Customised Drinkware

If you’re looking for useful keepsakes to honour him becoming a father, think about getting a personalised glass that he can use forever. There are a few options to choose from, like a stein, a beer glass or a wine glass. You can have it customised to state a cute sentiment like “Father, est. 2021” and have the name of his kid (or kids) written below. This is a heartfelt gift just for him, that is a reminder of an important moment in his life.

14. Weighted Blanket

Weighted blanket

Image source:

Weighted blankets are great for helping an anxious person fall asleep, and a new dad is likely to be quite anxious. These blankets also help to keep you asleep so that the few hours of rest that dad gets in between feedings, changings and checkups during the night will be quality sleep. Getting the rest that he needs will ensure that dad stays on top of his game as he cares for his baby.

For a new dad, Fathers’ Day can be a milestone to help remind him of all the good work and effort that has gone into raising a little one. As anyone who has been a parent knows, it’s often a thankless job with frequent stresses and unexpected rewards. Show dad that his efforts haven’t gone unnoticed and that despite his worries, he’s doing a good job and deserves to be recognized.

Tailor your gift to him and what he needs right now. Ask family and friends if you’re unsure, or even ask dad himself if there’s anything that he’d appreciate on his day. Give him some time off by offering to babysit, and letting him have a day to do what he wants or spend it together with his partner.

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