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Unusual Home Decoration Accessories that Start Conversations

Eye-catching conversation-starters are wonderful pieces to have in your home. They can help draw attention and also continue your decoration style in a big way. However, finding the right decoration piece can be a challenge and knowing whether or not it’ll fit with your current style can pose a particular problem.

We’ll look at some interesting and unique decoration accessories, and provide some examples that might just be the solution that you’re looking for.

1. Artisanal handcrafted decor

artisanal handcrafted decor

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Perhaps the best way to find something cool that is also one-of-a-kind is to look at things that are handcrafted by artisans. There are a few places to find artists’ works, like a marketplace, or online on a site like 

An artist likely has a collection of work that you can choose from, and will naturally be personalised just by the nature of the piece. Handcrafted work often contains minute variations that make your piece special and different. Consider an ombre wall hanging that shows off colours from your favourite palette!

2. Changing sand art

sand art unique decoration accessories

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These landscapes of colour and texture offer a great way to draw the eye and are ever-changing with each turn. They come in a variety of sizes and colours, so you can get the ideal one that fits on a shelf or table. The sand falls slowly between two pieces of glass, trickling at points to build a colourful landscape that you can change by rotating the panel upside down and watching it start anew. 

3. Starfield projector

Star projector

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This handy little gadget can turn any room into a clear, bright night sky that is full of twinkling stars. There are a few versions that you can take a look at, including a DIY version that can be fun to put together in an afternoon as a project. If you’re looking more for something that works out of the box, consider one that connects via an app and can showcase stars or a galaxy at a whim. The starfield projector can be used to set an easy mood so that you can relax, work out or drift off to sleep.

4. Storm cloud

 storm cloud

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This is a scientific and history-rich glass decoration object that predicts weather patterns based on barometric pressure changes in the atmosphere. Typically these storm glass objects are shaped in a tube since it’s an easy shape to form, but this particular storm glass is in the shape of a cloud. The pressure in the atmosphere causes the liquid in the glass to crystallize in different patterns and shapes, corresponding to various weather phenomena. The storm cloud is best left undisturbed so that it can work, as shaking it can disrupt the forming crystals.

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5. Bramwell Brown Weather Clock 

Bramwell Brown Weather Clock

Whether or not you’re an aficionado for timepieces, this classic clock features a window for an animated weather scene. The Bramwell Brown timeteller is dual-purpose piece and features a charming display to help you prepare for your day before you leave home. It’s also a wonderful heirloom item because it is carefully crafted by hand, made by skilled workers who make sure each clock is in perfect working order before being displayed on your walls.

There are also special limited edition designs and ways to personalize your clock, which is great if you’re giving it as a gift or wanting to mark an important milestone.

6. Glowing book lamp

LED Book

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For the book-lover, this lamp is a great way to represent the magical portal that reading represents. It opens on its spine, and the pages sit open as light emanates from the book. This gorgeous lamp can sit half-closed, fully open or even open all the way around to resemble a sun. Crafted from paper and wood, and powered by an LED, the soft glow provides a warm environment to read, hang out or act as a comforting nightlight.

7. Terrarium


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If you’ve got a green thumb, a sculptural terrarium can be a wonderful centerpiece for a dining table, mantel or counter. Depending on what your space is like, you can get a few different styles to suit your needs. Some terrariums are made of glass and can be hung from the ceiling, others can be ceramic or plastic. If you’re worried about it breaking, a plastic version might be best. 

However, the varieties are endless, like the figural terrarium that features human legs with a cactus or succulent propped on the waist and covered by glass. Be sure to pick a unique design that speaks to you.

8. Litographs blanket

Litograph blanket

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This blanket is a comfy way to show off some love for your favourite book, song or movie. The entire text (or lyrics, or script) is printed on a soft, plush blanket that features an iconic scene that is formed by the gaps and colouring of the words. 

Some of the selection includes classics like Jane Austen, Arthur Conan Doyle, and Shakespeare; or songs from The Beatles or The Rolling Stones, or even a cult classic movie like The Princess Bride. If your closet is full of blankets, consider a pillow, shower curtain or even a poster to display.

One of the best ways to find some unusual decoration items that no one else has is to shop antiques and vintage. Though it’s often hit or miss that you’ll come across that perfect unique find, there is a chance that you’ll fall in love with something wonderful at a great price. 

Consider DIY projects as well, to create something that you can put your own personal touch on. Having a piece handmade by you can bring up interesting conversation between friends, as you share the inspiration and process that went into your featured decor.

Use the ideas above to jumpstart your search--if something resonates with you, take that and start looking for accessories along the same theme. Maybe the booklight isn’t for you, but the idea of a unique lighting is interesting or perhaps the sand art isn’t quite the right fit, but having decor that has motion and movement fills your checklist.

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