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5 Interior Design Bloggers to Follow on Instagram

Looking for some inspiration for your home? Consider borrowing from people who’ve done this professionally. A lot of interior designers will have examples of work they’ve done as part of their portfolio, and you can get a taste of this from their Instagram pages. Take a look at the designers below to see if someone’s style resonates with you, and then use some ideas of what you want your home to look like and how you can accomplish some truly great design feats.

1. Tilton Fenwick

Tilton Fenwick designers Anne Maxwell Foster and Suysel dePedro Cunningham

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Tilton Fenwick designers Anne Maxwell Foster and Suysel dePedro Cunningham. photo: Brittany Ambridge

This design duo is made up by Anne Maxwell Foster and Suysel dePedro Cunningham. Together, they work to bring the traditional into the modern era with surprising colour and pattern combinations. This design firm is known for bold work, and playfulness while mixing elements that just somehow seem to go together when Anne and Suysel are designing.

Their use of disparate decor evokes visual interest, such as a whimsical climbing pattern on the wallpaper juxtaposed with sophisticated black and gold-trimmed horizontal dresser. They often pair bold and bright colours with more textured and muted furniture in order to have the eye experience multiple dimensions of design without getting bored or overwhelmed.

Follow if you love seeing different elements go together.

2. Sun Soul Style

Christina Higham

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Heading the design work of Sun Soul Style is Christina Higham. She draws a lot of inspiration from various sources, including music and art, in order to come up with the tasteful and unique decor ideas that she executes flawlessly. Part of the essence of her style is the fact that at its core, her driving philosophy is to have a home that reflects the lifestyle of the person living there. instagarm image

She works with clients in a way that brings them to cultivate their own aesthetic through the ability to translate design language into everyday life. With her blog and Instagram, she’s able to bring fresh ideas to people looking to change or enhance their own decor. Higham features various decor solutions like paper lighting, media storage ideas, checkered flooring and retro elements that can be brought back into the home.

Follow if you want to develop a personal aesthetic.

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3. Sasha Bikoff 

 Sasha Bikoff

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If you’re not afraid of bold and eclectic styles, then interior designer Sasha Bikoff might be the perfect inspiration for your own decor ambitions. Her self-described style mixes Italian Rococo and 18th-century French with Space Age Modern elements that ensure that the resulting melange is a beautiful flair of mixed medias and culture.

Part of the secret of her aesthetic and style is the fact that she gets a lot of ideas and decor pieces from antiques and vintage shops. One of her influences is from the art world where she first started a career in an art gallery--it is clear to see in her aesthetic the mix of styles from various art time periods and movements. Sasha Bikoff has a range of services, and often finds her clientele in the young and wealthy since she is able to design, consult, refresh, and restore spaces and furniture for the perfect home.

Follow if your design language knows no financial ceiling.

4. Josh Greene Design

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For those who love traditional decor that includes wood, warmth and purpose-driven design, Josh Greene will deliver. Greene has also produced furniture, with the idea of it being simple, practical and strong. A big factor in Greene’s design is that it is meant to last and be part of a sturdy home.

His aesthetic centers around neutrals and natural materials like wood, stone and textiles. This kind of decor is a mainstay and present in many forms, so it’s not likely to phase out of style quickly. He is also able to bring modern elements into his work, often blending the two in a seamless manner. In addition to working with interiors, Greene has an eye for architecture and is able to use the bones of a space in order to build the inside.

Follow if you’re a traditionalist at heart.

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5. Decus Interiors

Decus Team

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This all-women team of designers bring many inspirations and facets to their work, as they’re able to pull off a range of decor with the idea of balancing a space. They are always defining the tension between conflicting elements and making sure that a room or house isn’t overwhelmed with one style.

This Sydney-based team works to make a design simple and as close to natural materials as they can, often using wood, fur and stone to create a welcoming and warm space. The effect the team has on a home or room features a lot of texture and shapes but in subtle ways to not be overwhelming and still honour function and purpose. There is whimsy in the design but it doesn’t detract from the actual usefulness.

Follow if you love playful design and functionality equally.

Inspiration from Blogs

Designers know a lot about what they’re doing, and learning from what they’ve done can help you to create the beautiful and inspired space that you dream of. Take notes like mixing pop art in a traditional kitchen or having solid wooden furniture in a space age modern decor. Make use of natural fibres for texture, practicality and longevity, and use them in unexpected places like wall art or floor rugs.

Keep in mind that a lot of what a designer is able to accomplish comes from years of education, experience and knowledge of where to source decor. You can still use a lot of their work for inspiration while also recognizing that it will take a bit longer for you to complete a room. However, this means you can build your decor piece by piece and have your aesthetic evolve as you go.

As you browse these blogs, keep in mind what your aesthetic is and how you can develop it further. Look at the tones and language used in spaces, and note your reactions to what you see in order to cultivate your style. Don’t forget to pay attention to architecture as well, as interior decorating often has to work in tandem with your home’s current structure and unless you’re doing an entire renovation, you will have to stick with your present floorplans when designing.

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