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10 Kitchen Clock Ideas for Your Home

The kitchen is an ideal place to have a wall clock, since it can help you keep an eye on how long your breakfast is taking or make sure that dinner isn’t burnt. But choosing one that you want as decor can be a challenge to fit in with your style and needs.

A kitchen clock is a meaningful opportunity for you to have some fun picking out a whimsical and cute accessory. It’s a spot where people share meals and stories, so having a clock that is exciting is a perfect decor addition for the kitchen. 

Take a look at the curated kitchen clocks below for some inspiration.

1. Spoon and Fork

Spoon and Fork Black Kitchen Clock

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This is a classic and playful wall clock that is a fun statement to any kitchen. The clock face is surrounded by cutlery, using utensils that are commonly found in a kitchen. You can even have one that is oversized with gigantic utensils around the clock. You can buy one that is ready to hang or try to make your own, using a simple wall clock and adding cutlery to the back of the clock and cementing it with a strong adhesive.

2. Frying Pan

Frying Pan clock

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Using kitchen elements to create a dining-themed clock for your space can be a cosy trend, and help your house really feel like a home. You might want to browse a few shops to decide exactly what you want, but a frying pan is a classic take on a wall clock for the kitchen. You could decorate around it with your favourite dishes, especially with decor of breakfast meals like eggs and toast.

3. Weather Clock

Bramwell Brown Weather Clock

The Weather Clock will tell you two things--the time and the current environment outside. A dual-purpose clock can save space while serving two functions, and having the Weather Clock in the kitchen is a time-saving way to glance at what the weather holds before you get ready for the day. You might want to check out Bramwell Brown Weather Clocks, since a charming piece like their large weather clock could be part of a wonderful kitchen decor.

4. Vintage Clock

antique clock

One way to bring the warmth of a grandma’s kitchen into your home is to shop vintage and thrift. Check out local stores that carry working clocks and see if there is a clock that resonates with you. Think about what colours you’d like as well, as often vintage clocks will come in a bisque, teal, moss green or pale pink tone that could evoke certain memories. Thrifting is a popular trend and a great way to find a unique item that you can personalize further.

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5. Coffee Cup

coffee cup clock for kitchen

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A cute way to make your kitchen all the more welcoming is with café vibes, and the coffee cup clock does just that. The face of a clock is inset in the decor of a steaming mug of hot coffee, often crafted in a cartoonish style to complete the kitschy feeling of a warm and convenient roaster. There are quite a few styles of coffee cup wall art, so take a look around online for just the right one.

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6. Modern Clock

modern clock for kitchen

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A sleek clock in the kitchen is a statement on its own, showing off an uncluttered style and a classic piece of decor that doesn’t pull focus from other items that you’ve invested in. Consider a clock with a neutral frame such as black, white, grey or brown, and select whether or not you want a round-face or square-face clock. Modern clocks often have large, easy-to-read faces so you’re not going to get distracted with any other visual details with this functional clock in your home.

7. Cutting Board

cutting board clock for kitchen

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Keeping with the theme of the kitchen, consider a cutting board clock for your home. Often this style of clock is a subtle but stated piece of decor since the warm tone of the wooden cutting board is aesthetically pleasing and the traditional wood means it’s not overdone with minute details. These clocks feature a simple face, usually stained into the wood, with clear hands and numerals. This charming accessory can be hung in a spot that inspires you to try new recipes.

8. Cuckoo Clock

cuckoo clock for kitchen

If you’re looking to add a touch of tradition and quirkiness to your kitchen, consider the classic cuckoo clock. There are so many different styles beyond the typical cuckoo clock with a bird peeking out to announce the hour, so take a look at some options for inspiration. Cuckoo clocks come with a rich history and the interactivity is a bonus for most people. If you don’t want your clock to chime out the hour, look for ones that have a silence setting.

9. Picture Frame Clock

picture frame clock for kitchen

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A special way to display your photos is through a picture frame clock. You can gather some select moments of things and people that you love and use it to create a clock where each hour is a different photograph. Some clocks come premade where you’re able to slip your photographs into the hour marks, but you can also use your own pictures and frames to create a clock. You just need to get the mechanism and hands, which are usually available at any craft store.

10. Whiteboard Clock

whiteboard clock for kitchen

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These innovative clocks are perfect for the kitchen, and are especially handy when you need to jot down a note or make a grocery list. It features a clean face, sometimes with numbers but also comes blank, and ample space for you to note down what times you need to remember for important events. You can also get creative with the clock, and try doodling, as a fun reminder to make time for play as part of health and self-care.

There are many inspiring kitchen clocks to sort through, so keep in mind what kind of aesthetic you’re going for and what function you’d like the clock to serve. Dual-purpose clocks are options for maximizing space, and like Bramwell Brown’s weather clocks, also have a lot of charm and personality to create a welcoming kitchen area.

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