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10 of the Best Food Bloggers to Follow on Instagram

Food bloggers create some of the best content through experimentation, fun and well-presented photographs of various foods. Though it might make you hungry to see tasty and delicious meals that someone else is getting to enjoy, you can get a firsthand account on whether or not a restaurant is worth dining at or taking out. Plus, bloggers will often list favourite meals that are a hit with most people who will try it. 

If you love food as much as these Instagram bloggers, give them a follow and eat up!

Noor Murad


This foodie creates recipes and works at an experimental kitchen to test these recipes to see if they follow up on the taste factor. Originally based in North London, Noor and the rest of the team at Ottolenghi use their families as test subjects (during the pandemic) for their uniquely-crafted dishes. Noor spends time creating food and recipes that eventually become articles, books and restaurant staples. If you want to spice up your Middle-Eastern cuisine, Noor Murad’s Instagram might have just the right inspiration.

Ravneet Gill

Ravneet Eats Instagram

If you’re looking to boost your pastry consumption, go no farther than Ravneet Gill. She’s the author of The Pastry Chef’s Guide and can offer advice through all tricky pastry recipes. In addition to her Instagram, you can catch her columns in The Guardian and Telegraph. She has experience all around London and learned at Le Cordon Bleu, and has been a pastry chef for the last eight years. Part of Ravneet’s charm is that she makes a difficult art like pastry accessible for everyone wanting to learn.

Madeleine Shaw

Madeleine Shaw Instagram 

Her Instagram account is full of hearty, delicious dishes that you can make as well. Her focus is on recipes and wellness, and teaching aspiring cooks to consider meals that are simply and tasty, but also healthy. As a nutritional therapist, Madeleine Shaw’s goal is to help make easy meals and bring back the balance in life. The tenets that she lives by and shares for good health are about eating well, moving and meditation, however you find your mindfulness. She’s made the journey from unhealthy to thriving, and is ready to offer advice for your path.

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Guilia Mulè

Menfoomulia Instagram account

Guilia is a travel blogger, so she’s seen and eaten a lot of the best foods around the world. She lives in Poland now, after having lived in London for 13 years, meaning she keeps a pretty good eye on the food scene in England and Eastern Europe. Her exploration developed her love of travel and photography. Her Instagram is a curated feed of cafes and restaurants from all over, so expect to see a brunch spot or two that you’re going to want to try.

Clerkenwell Boy

 Clerkenwell instagram account

This well-rounded and anonymous foodie in London gives you immaculate pictures of super tasty dishes from restaurants all around the city. In addition to recommendations for what meals to order, he offers recipes as well for you to try at home. His Instagram is delightfully full of savoury and sweet treats, and as a part time baker, you’re just as likely to end up trying one of his dessert recipes after a meal at a local hotspot. 

Andrew Rea

Andrew Rea Instagram

This YouTube chef hosts the channel Binging With Babish, which is accessible for beginners and experts alike. He goes through the process of recreating famous dishes, often from movies, TV or games, where there is no recipe. He also helps viewers learn the basics of cooking, with tutorials. Browsing his Instagram, you’ll find images of savoury and hearty dishes, as well as small glimpses of Andrew’s life outside of the foodie.

Anna Hedworth

Cookhouse Anna instagram

Anna’s Instagram is full of beautifully plated food, as an accomplished cook and author. She has a wide variety of cuisines on her Instagram, Cook House. Her restaurant is meant to be a casual spot that is welcoming and offers great food--having grown from roots of being a supper club. She is self-taught, with cooking as her second career. She’s also got a book out, on the adventures leading to Cook House, titled Recipes and Stories from Cook House. She credits her team as part of her success in the restaurant business.

London Cheap Eats

London Cheap Eats Instagram

Making good food more accessible for everyone, London Cheap Eats features some truly great dishes at amazing prices. The blog showcases eats at local restaurants that are budget-friendly, and some food stalls that will rock your world. When you look at their Instagram, the first things you’ll see are colours--these definitely don’t look like inexpensive meals. However, all dishes posted on their Instagram are £8 and under. So say goodbye to taking chances of meals that may or may not be worth it, as London Cheap Eats has done the work for you.

Spoon Fork Bacon

Spoon Fork Bacon Instagram

This blog is run by Jenny and Teri, who have put greasy spoon recipes on their Instagram with stunning pictures that can barely capture how delicious each meal is. Jenny is a food stylist, while Teri is the photographer, and together they fill their posts with sultry images of mouthwatering dishes. If you’re looking for comfort food, this is the place to be.

Modern Honey

Modern Honey Instagram

Melissa Stadler runs this cookie-filled Instagram, where you’ll find recipes of baked goods to make your home smell like a pastry kitchen. She’s been around the block with cooking competitions, and is well-rounded as she also creates recipes for fast and healthy dinners. She’s lived with a love for food her entire life, and you can see that reflected in her posts. In addition to food, Melissa spends time on her other loves like home design, DIY, and photography. 

Browse some of these foodies’ feeds and see if there’s one or two that connect with you, and try out their recommendations. You might find a new comfort food or favourite eatery that you can then suggest to others. A big part of experiencing food is sharing it with those we love!

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