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Irresistible Gifts for Clock Lovers: 3 Simple Ideas

Searching for a gift for a clock aficionado can be a daunting task. Their knowledge of clocks likely exceeds yours and it can feel paralysing to get something while unsure if they already have a similar timepiece or if it’s even something they will like. Below, we go through some ideas that are nearly fool-proof for the clock enthusiast in your life. Classic timepieces and  amazing innovations are ideal spots to start your search for the perfect gift.

1. Wrist Watches

Mr. Jones Watch

Image Source: Mr. Jones Watches

Watches are a wonderful gift for someone passionate about clocks because you’re likely providing a necessary accessory or adding to their collection rather than giving something redundant. To make it even more meaningful, you can inscribe a watch with a personal and thoughtful sentiment so that it’s truly meant only for the recipient. 

Watch-wearers with a collection tend to rotate their watches, picking out what they’re going to wear that day with insight on how well it matches with their outfit and what symbolic meaning they’ve attached to the watch that they want to embody that day. In gifting a watch, you bolster their collection and give them more choices for the day, which is a good problem for a watch-lover!

The part that you may be struggling with is what kind of watch to get. There are choices like the Rolex, a luxury Swiss watch that doesn’t depreciate in value and has a strong history of impeccable craftsmanship. Breitling, though slightly more affordable, is also a formidable contender as a luxe gift with many models that are likely to suit the watch connoisseur in your life. Tudor is another watch brand to consider, and is quality made to the same standards as a Rolex, as a sister brand to the iconic watch company. Well-known brands are preferable, but classic pieces don’t need to come with a huge price tag if you’re wanting to get something that is just as functional and unique.

You can also consider Mr. Jones Watches which make make unusual watches which tell a story, start a conversation or simply make people smile.

In considering brands, you may find it fruitful to consider something vintage. A vintage Breitling will often still cost around the same as a new model, but it’ll have a lot of history and character behind it that watch-lovers seek out in a timepiece. You might want to consider getting the same model watch as someone that your recipient admires, building upon the connection that they have to their inspirational figure. 

2. Wall Clocks

As an essential part of decor, wall clocks are a wonderful way to express style and keep track of important events in your life. There are a lot of options when you’re thinking about buying a wall clock for someone in your life, so it may help to narrow down some criteria in order to make a good selection.

Think about their style and their current decor. Would they want something minimal or ornate? Something modern or classic? New or vintage? A unique, one-of-a-kind idea is to create your own clock. You can do it from scratch with a wood or metal base, and then add numbers and the clock hands with a mechanism from a craft or clock store. You can then decorate it to your recipient’s taste or purchase an old clock and refurbish it in their style.

However, if you’re short on time and want to get something that is well-crafted but has the same handmade charm, consider Bramwell Brown Weather Clock. Their clocks dual as a weather predictor, so while featuring an easy-to-read face, the clock also has whimsical weather graphics that slide into a viewing window to let you know what kind of weather to expect for the day.

3. Vintage Timepieces

One of the allures of timepieces for a collector is the history behind a piece, and the story that it tells. A grandfather clock is an ideal example of this--a keeper of time and a record of history. The origin of grandfather clocks trace back to the late 1500s and early 1600s when Galileo’s eye caught sight of a swinging chandelier in a cathedral, and his mind started ticking with the idea of making a pendulum clock. Though ultimately not successful, it laid the groundwork for astronomer Christian Huygens who was able to divide the previous 15-minute intervalled day to 1-minute increments with a pendulum clock. 

Vintage pocket watch

From here, we have incredibly talented artisans and engineers that take the reins to make the beautiful grandfather longcase clocks that we have today. Knowing this background, it’s easy to see how a clock aficionado falls in love with these timepieces. Grandfather clocks are also a sign of accumulated wealth and history, as generations would have to be in the same place over time in order to keep a clock in a family since these particular clocks would not have travelled well.

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A smaller piece of history is reflected in the pocket watch. Its creation dates back to 1510, and was adopted by many people for its ability to be worn and carried around so that you can check the time as you go. It has a rich history in the railroad and train industry, being a crucial device for conductors to be on time; not only to serve passengers and deliver freight but also to avoid accidents as trains used the same lines and were only separated by different moments in time. 

An heirloom item like a pocket watch is a perfect gift for your recipient who is on the go. It’s better than referring to a smartphone because it won’t distract you from simply reading the time. You might be inclined to get a pocket watch that has ties to an important person or moment in history that your recipient would love.

Whether you opt for a pocket watch, or wrist watch, or wall clock, your best bet for a good gift will likely start with key ideas from your recipient. Think about what suits their lifestyle and their interests and go from there. 

For example, a clock-enthusiast that also loves meteorology might love a Bramwell Brown clock, while a train-lover might find meaning in having a vintage pocket watch. Tailor it to your special person to get them a gift they’ll really love.

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