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Interior Decorating Ideas for a One Bedroom Apartment

Decorating a home can be a task that inspires both excitement and dread. The possibilities are almost limitless and that means there are a lot of choices to be made, which can be paralysing even as it presents a thrilling potential at the same time. 

You may want to focus on certain areas first, picking out what is most important for each space before moving onto smaller details, so that you can avoid or manage getting in over your head. Interior decorating is more of a marathon than a sprint, so take your time, make adjustments and keep the overall themes in mind.

Below, we’ll look at some key pieces of decor for various spaces including the kitchen, bedroom, living area and bathroom.

Dividing Sections

Apartment dividing sections shelf

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If you’re short on space, you might want to make clear divisions in your apartment so that you can make the area feel larger. Partitions, bookcases and mirrors can help with this task to create the illusion of more space and separate dedicated areas of the apartment.

One idea is to delineate any work space or study from everything else to create an area where you’re able to focus without much interruption. This can be psychologically beneficial especially if you work from home or take work home sometimes so that when you’re done, you can “leave” that area and your workday behind.

In a similar vein, you may also think about dividing a space that is dedicated to your wellbeing. It can be a sacred space where you do an activity you love, like reading or working on a project. Having an area that is meant to promote your self-care can be emotionally fulfilling.

Useful Clocks

Bramwell Brown Weather Clock

A timepiece in your bedroom or living area is an essential piece of decor since it will help you to be on time. With minimal space, it’s worth considering items that have a dual purpose in order to make the best use of decor and real estate in your home. You may want to consider Bramwell Brown Weather Clock, as it tells the weather in addition to the time. It can be great to refer to in the morning before you get dressed to know what to wear as well as how long you have to get ready.

Think about the theme you like and make sure to choose a clock accordingly. If you find that you want something more or less neutral so that it can be a permanent fixture while you decide on a style, then definitely think about classic clocks with simple faces, and not too much design or flair--take a look at Bramwell Brown’s clocks for inspiration. If this is the look you’re going for, stay away from bold colours and try to focus on a grayscale palette. Wood is also fairly neutral, so if you’re considering an antique or mantle clock, that could work well in your vision.

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Efficient Furniture

Efficient furniture
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In order to make use of all space available, you can get furniture that you’re able to pull out or tuck away depending on your needs. A classic example is of the table that is high enough to slide its seating away entirely or a coffee table that has storage inside in order to hide away extra seating, blankets or anything else that you don’t need on a daily basis.

If you find that you’re running out of floor space or fear that that could happen, consider taking shelving up a bit. Forget about bookcases and units that rest on the floor and get wall fixtures that hang with nails or adhesive hooks. You can also get creative and use spaces you normally wouldn’t like running a shelf along an entire wall close to the ceiling. Make sure to also use the corners, as they’re a hard space to decorate and can easily be made functional by a set of floating shelves.

Dynamic Lighting 

Apartment lighting

To make the apartment truly vibrant, you should consider what kind of lighting you have and what you’d like. It’s important to factor in your natural lighting during the day, while also thinking of the evening when you’ll likely be using the most light. 

Different levels of light can provide various effects, especially in combination with each other. Creating a cozy and welcoming space can be heavily influenced by the kind of lighting you have. If you find that your space is too sterile because of harsh lighting, consider changing the lightbulbs to a warm white or invest in a coloured lightbulb that you can change based on your moods.

Floor lamps, table lamps, desk lights and string lights are great ways to accent your space. There are other kinds of lighting like chandeliers, modern style lamps or even retro lava lamps. Depending on the lighting you already have and what kind of palette you want to evoke, you can consider different kinds of light. Floor lamps and table lamps in particular help with diffuse, soft lighting, while desk lights are more focused and string lights can be quite magical.

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Floor Treatments

Interior floor treatments rug

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Rugs and mats can help to visually expand a space. Pick a big floor rug that can be the center of your living area, and see how your room comes together. Rugs help to section spaces and provide another visual spot for your eyes to take as a cue of the themes you’re working with. Mats can break up a bare floor without taking up physical space, and are excellent in areas that have high traffic. 

Focus on a large area rug that is neutral but still embodies the style of the room. You can also get something that isn’t rectangular for some visual interest. If the rug is big enough, have your furniture on it so that the rug peeks out behind sofas and seating. If it’s on the smaller side, have the rug’s edge against the edges of furniture to make a more seamless visual area.

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