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6 Unique Holiday Gift Ideas for Everyone

holiday gift ideas

Shopping for a gift can be a challenging, sometimes frustrating experience. You may not know what your recipient wants, or what they would enjoy but don’t already have. You may be faced with shopping for the person who “has it all” or is a self-described minimalist who doesn’t need anything. Sometimes you’re looking for a gift that is versatile enough so that almost anyone would love to receive it.

Keep reading to find out what our top gifts are for that difficult-to-shop-for person in your life and the gifts that fit nearly every recipient.

1. Loose-Leaf Tea or Tea Accessories

Loose leaf tea gift idea

It’s hard to say no to a warm cup of tea, and receiving tea as a gift definitely offers a heartwarming sentiment. You can gift premium loose-leaf tea or a tea subscription box that will keep giving for the whole year. If your recipient has a favourite brand or type of tea that you know of, then you can get that. If not, herbal teas like camomile or cinnamon are good ideas and a lot of people like black teas for their full-bodied caffeine.

You might also consider gifting some tea accessories. A cast-iron kettle is a wonderful piece that is an important part of a tea ritual for some people. Cute tea strainers in fun shapes can also make a whimsical gift. A pair of teacups could also go a long way, since having a durable and fancy set of teacups can come in handy for entertaining guests or celebrating an accomplishment.

2. Scratch-Off Posters

Scratch-off poster gift idea

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Scratch off posters are a great way to encourage and keep track of fun goals. For anyone who loves travel, it might be worthwhile getting a scratch map for them to scratch off places they’ve been. Or if they’re more of a homebody, think about posters that feature a list of classic books or movies that someone can scratch off when they’ve finished. It’s a cute idea to inspire a reader or movie-lover and can help really indecisive folks pick out their next book or movie.

3. Personalized Puzzle

custom puzzle gift idea

A thoughtful gift that you may not have been aware of is the personalized puzzle. There are a few made-to-order websites that will print a photo or image that you have onto a puzzle, or other items. You might even consider a custom shirt, mug or blanket. These are heartfelt items since you’re only limited by what you can take a picture of. Great ideas include a puzzle of your recipient’s pet, or a picture of a fun experience that you had together. The meditative act of putting pieces of a puzzle together can be a quiet, fulfilling activity that reveals something that the person loves.

If they’re not one to sit still long enough to do a puzzle, then opt for something more their style that they can still make use of. Many companies also make travel mugs, rugs, bedding, leggings, and a wide array of decor for the home.

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4. Timeless Clock

A clock as a gift can reflect the effort that you put into it--ranging from neutral and warm to thoughtful and sentimental. You might want to think about the home decor that your recipient likes and has throughout their own home and what kind of clock could fit. Trying to keep it within their style can be a challenge, but if you choose a classic look, it can be hard to go wrong.

Consider a clock like Bramwell Brown Weather Clock, it is whimsical and classic--fitting well in nearly all existing decor. The Bramwell Brown clocks also feature a system that predicts the weather, and displays it through a window with cute pictures and a lexical description so your recipient has an idea of how to dress for the day.

5. Once-in-a-Lifetime Experiences

SPA gift idea

An unforgettable gift that creates memories for your recipient is giving them the chance to have an experience that they likely wouldn’t have on their own. Depending on what they enjoy, you can pick a gift experience for pretty much anyone. 

For the wine connoisseur, consider sending them on a tasting at a winery so they can spend the day sampling a wide variety of wine and chatting with others about the merits of each. Or for the car enthusiast, you can get them the chance to race around a track or take a scenic drive in their favourite sport, luxury or classic car. And pretty much everyone can enjoy a day of pampering at a spa, so treat the ones in your life who work incredibly hard to a day off that is meant to focus entirely on their relaxation. 

6. Dependable Housewares

houseware gift idea

Though not as exciting as some other gifts, quality houseware is a gift that is appreciated with time. Having a reliable cast iron skillet or indestructible stand mixer can give your recipient peace of mind while ensuring that they’ll always have long-lasting tools to make delicious meals in the kitchen.

Investing in a set of cookware or bakeware can be a long-term gift that pretty much anyone will appreciate. If your recipients loves to bake or cook, this is a wonderful time to encourage that with something they’ve had their eye on. For others who are into entertaining, you might want to consider ornate platters and displays or barware that gives them the chance to show off hosting skills.

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Whatever you choose, make sure to tailor it to your recipient’s likes and needs. If you’re not sure, a safe bet would be neutral gifts like a clock or a universal experience gift like a helicopter tour. 

If you tend to forget recipients or have surprise guests and don’t want to be left without something to offer, keep something on hand that will be a good gift for most people, like a tin of fancy cookies or some luxury tea.

With these tips, you’re in a good position to be well prepared for the holiday season!

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