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5 Types of Unique Accessories in Interior Decoration

Interior decorating can present a challenge to the decorator who is looking to
create a space filled with unique items, rather than mass-produced manufactured products. We’ve gone through a few ideas to give you a place to start decorating in your own style.

1. Wall Art

Cozy bedroom wall art - unique interior design accessory

Though wall art is a classic way of adding or setting the theme to a room, there are many ways to bring a unique flair to your space with the piece that you decide on. You can go for something traditional like a museum replica or go more post-modern with angles, textures and work that extends beyond the canvas or medium. Choosing art is more about what you like, rather than how you think it’ll look or if others will like it. You can continue the theme throughout the room, or use it as an accent piece that is meant to stand out from the rest. If you’re really hesitant about selecting something that is incredibly beyond your norm, consider it for a spot that doesn’t get a lot of traffic, like a guest bedroom or the bathroom.

Consider something that is unconventional to make your decor truly your own. You can get a few pieces from a collection and have them sprawling across the wall, or something with mixed media that captures attention to set the stage. With wall art, your only limit is your imagination and budget, so if you’re artistically inclined in any way, consider using those skills to create something entirely unique for your space.

2. Bringing Nature Inside

Interior design with plants - unique interior design accessory

It may not be everyone’s style, but something worth considering if you love the outdoors is to bring pieces of nature inside. The mere presence of outside coming in is a big statement, and it doesn’t need to be anything remarkable to make an impact. You can begin with easy finds like a dead and twisted branch that could look stunning above the mantle or a piece of driftwood bleached by the sun and saltwater.

Other ideas you may be interested in trying depend on your overall tastes. You may also be interested in rocks and minerals--which can be found outside or bought. A collection of stones or gems in a vase can make an eclectic statement and are ideal to fit in whatever vessel you choose.

3. Fashionable Clocks

Bramwell Brown Clock as an interior design accessory

Image source: Within the Walls Blog

A clock is a functional piece of art, and there are many different styles to suit your tastes. You can opt for the traditional like a cherry wood grandfather clock, or a minimalist sleek face with subtle time-markers. Consider some offbeat classics like the popular kit-cat clock whose eyes and tail tick-tock to help you track the passing seconds, or the cuckoo clock that comes in a huge range of designs and patterns to feature a sweet bird singing his hour’s song. Bramwell Brown has a wide selection, including some favourites like their weather clock that also displays a mechanical animation of what the weather will be with pictorials and labels of clouds, rain, and sunshine. The display is cute and whimsical, adding a touch of childlike memory to the classic grandfather clock.


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In addition to being a work of functional art, these clocks are also great heirloom collections for those wanting to pass down something of themselves later on. Having any decor with history as part of the family story can provide a conversation topic, so keep in mind what you select now for future generations or go back to your roots to source an old clock that you can bring back some life.

4. Comfort Items

comfort items as a unique interior design accessory


One of the biggest ways to make a space cozy and liveable is to use comfort items as part of your decor. Consider draping a blanket like a tapestry or using cushion covers to represent different styles. A wonderful feature of this is that you can not only use the blankets or cushions when you want, but it also becomes incredibly easy to switch out new items for a different look while still maintaining a budget.

A classic look is draping a blanket over a wooden leaning-ladder to give a sense of dimension and have the fabric flow naturally over this practical storage solution. Keep in mind that you want to balance the look and feel of the blanket with how much you want to use it. If it’s more of a decor piece, not worrying about if it’s scratchy when you cuddle with it is okay; and on the contrary, if it’s something that you will be cozying up with frequently, it should feel comfortable but also still look aesthetically appealing.

5. Decorative Mirrors

Interior design decorative mirror

As a looking glass, mirrors are tools to check your appearance but as decor they can serve to make a space visually appealing or create the illusion of more space. Consider putting in a big section of mirrors in tight spots like bathrooms, bedrooms or hallways. The reflection of the mirror can give the appearance of adding more space, and the feeling of not being squeezed into a small area can make the room more liveable.

Mirrors can be set into other artwork, and featured as home decor. A starburst mirror or window-pane mirror can help set the theme that you want to bring about in your home. Keep an eye out for a collection that you can work into a pattern on a wall. A great example is a series of different-sized round mirrors artfully clustered on a section of the wall. This is particularly effective in spaces like a hallway where it isn’t essential for a mirror but can be used to create visual depth.

There are more than a few ways to personalise your space. You can try a combination of the ideas above to find the right blend that makes your home feel uniquely yours.

The Role of Accessories in Interior Design

A single accessory may not make a big difference to the room’s decor, but a collection of them brings warmth and love to a space. A room is not fully furnished until it is filled with meaningful accessories. They add dimension, personality and texture to a room to say that someone lives here, and this is who they are.

Accessorising doesn’t need to be a sculpture that takes up too much room, you can choose something more functional like a fruit bowl, a shelf of books or a cuddly throw blanket. It helps to make the room look finished and lived in. Rooms that don’t have these final touches can look like a transient space, or seem like someone just moved in and hasn’t gotten around to decorating.

This is the chance that you get to truly make the room your own. Though furniture and paint can express your style, accessories set the difference between your home and your neighbour’s. Picking out artwork, glassware or candles are quite personal choices to make and no two people will pick out the same of everything. We all have different tastes and needs, and in trying to accomplish these goals, we will choose elements that make the most sense to our lives.

By accessorising, you’re bringing life to the space. You are showing off who you are and how you live. It’s a point of pride to choose accessories that define the room, complementing the existing decor and cultivating a unique style. Through the accessories, you can tell your life’s story.

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