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Meet the Blogger and their Weather Clock - Gemma from Mutha.Hood

This week we are talking to brand owner and influencer Gemma from Mutha.Hood

Can you tell us a bit about your business please?

I run a clothing brand and online Instagram community called Mutha.Hood. It all started after I struggled with birth trauma and anxiety from having my two wonderful girls. I wanted to create something that helped Mums to know their worth and feel included, supported and less alone. As it has grown the brand message has extended beyond Mums, to all women and girls, and at the core if it all is the desire to empower them with meaningful, reassuring garments and a whole lot of chat on Instagram stories. We’re all a part of the Strong Girls Club and I love how much that slogan in particular is resonating with so many.

What's your favourite room in the house and why?

Ohhh this is really hard. Before we moved to this house I lived in a terrace that had potential, but sadly it was at a time when I was far too influenced by other’s opinions of what I should and shouldn’t do. This house is the first house I’ve owned where I’m decorating it for me, rather than for the possible next owners if we decide to sell in a mythical 5/10/15 years time. I’m really pleased with the bright yellow wallpaper from Mini Moderns x Rob Ryan in my bedroom, every morning I wake up and it brings me joy. But then we also recently had our bathroom renovated and it’s just perfection, to me. I worked with a wonderful local tradesman call JT Renovations and he rebuilt my confidence in my own opinions that had been knocked out of our last house. I stand there for an eerily long time just turning the dimmer switch up and down. We have a dimmer light above a mirror from Pooky and it’s perfect for ‘spa baths.’

Where do you hang your Bramwell Brown Weather Clock and why?

It took us a little while to agree on this one. But I’m thrilled to say that it’s hanging proudly in my office. I never thought I’d ever say that, but there’s a room in our home that’s primarily my workspace. It’s a gorgeous Marine Blue from Little Greene, with the main wall littered with Instagram-Inspired purchases like a Super Rural For Like Ever Print, a neon sign and a Mandi Smethells rainbow wall hanging that my Nan sent over from Australia. It’s my happy place.

Can you sum your Bramwell Brown Weather Clock up in three words?


Any tips for incorporating clocks into your interior design?

I live in a Dutch family where Grandfather clocks were key. The clock would be the focal point in a hallway and that would be the only real place it would live, apart from your bedside alarm clock. I’ve popped our Bramwell Brown within a gallery wall and I love how it adds dimension to the surrounding artwork. It’s utterly stunning so it is a piece of art in itself. I do, however, have two small children and I’m endlessly pushed for time so it’s now one of the four wall clocks that we have in our home dotted around to make sure that the kids and I all know how long we’ve got until my voice reaches the pitch of a dolphin and we need to be out of the house. Personally, I don’t think you have enough clocks in your house.

What are the big interior trends that we should be looking out for in 2019?

Do you know what, I follow so many wonderful accounts on Instagram that I’m a bit of an eclectic fan. I spend hours walking around Ardingly Antiques fair picking up bits and pieces to add soul to my home. I love love love pattern mixing and I spend a lot of my time at Standan House, admiring the mix of William Morris. I think mixing wallpapers and curtain prints will be big…. Well it will in our house anyway! As well as green and pink in the kitchen.

Finally, we love mechanical/ analogue objects; what mechanical/ analogue do you have in your home or remember from your childhood that you love(d)? 

We’re big on this too. My other half has a vinyl collection that occupies half a room so we certainly have the girls mixing. When we were at Uni our dorm rooms were opposite each other and I used to think he was so clever, always at his desk studying; it turned out he was mixing records and appreciating syncopated beats instead. I also have a brilliant Instax camera and I’m so proud to be the caretaker of my grandfather’s Leica cameras. He had a dark room in his home and I’d love nothing more than to follow in his footsteps one day.

Thank you to Gemma for speaking with us.