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Meet the Blogger and their Weather Clock - Trina McNeilly from La La Lovely

This week we are meeting US lifestyle blogger Trina McNeilly from La La Lovely...

Can you tell us a bit about your blog please?

In 2008 I founded La La Lovely as a place to share my favourite finds and work out my words. Over the years, La La Lovely has become a popular lifestyle blog that offers weekly inspiration.

I have a habit of looking for the lovely—some days I find it in perfectly styled spaces and other days in the broken places—and when I find it, I can’t help but share it. Beauty is everywhere and in everything—even within our darkest days—it just takes noticing—paying attention!

Simply put, LA LA LOVELY exists to inspire and encourage women in their everyday lives.

What's your favourite room in the house and why?

My office. Technically, it’s a sunroom, with windows all around, that I’ve snuck my desk into. On one side, of my desk, sits my favourite French, antique settee, and in the other side, a squidgy day bed peppered with pillows bumped up to a bookshelf. Any room with books, a comfy seat, and a view of trees is my favourite.

Where do you hang your Bramwell Brown Weather Clock and why?

I hung the clock in our kitchen dining area, because it’s the hub of our home. While I’d very much like it tucked into my little office, I wanted to share it with my family. I am thrilled to have a beautiful clock tell the time, rather than having to rely on the glowing green digital numbers on the stove. I love that my children are getting continued practice reading the time on a proper clock. They, also, really enjoy the weather pictures—It’s like a storybook clock.

Can you sum your Bramwell Brown Weather Clock up in three words?


Whimsical. Classic. Cool.

Any tips for incorporating clocks into your interior design?

I love incorporating clocks because they are aesthetically pleasing and also offer function. I love contrasting and juxtaposition when it comes to décor. If I were decorating with modern furniture or wallpaper, I’d consider using an antique or classic clock design. I, particularly, love the Bramwell Brown clocks because they are like art

What are the big interior trends that we should be looking out for in 2019?

I’m noticing that the floral (wallpaper) trend is still on the uptick, which I’m quite happy about.

Deeper colour shades are trending, again. I’ll always be a fan of white paint and lighter pastel shades, but I’ve been adding in a few pillows that are richer in colour, here and there. In general colour and texture are very in--think bold patterned tiles. Speaking of tiles, dark kitchens are definitely on trend—cabinets painted in a deep green or black are popping up all over Pinterest. Another trend that is a fast favourite of mine is “scalloped” everything. It’s all very mermaid chic and since I love whimsy, I’d be very happy to add a velvet, shell shaped chair or a pillow to my home.

Finally, we love mechanical/ analogue objects; what mechanical/ analogue do you have in your home or remember from your childhood that you love(d)?

From childhood, I remember Rotary phones, particularly at my grandparents. I loved turning the dial around and around. I also adored typewriters, and still do. There is something pretty special about the clickety-clack of the keys and the immediate display of ink.

I’m rather nostalgic and feeling overwhelmed with all of the noise from too much digital consumption. I find great satisfaction in reading bound books and listening to my record player. I even asked for a newspaper subscription this Christmas!

Thank you to Trina for speaking with us.