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To our Mum...

By Sarah

When things have got tough or we’ve needed an extra pair of hands, ‘Mumma Bear’, as she is affectionately known, has always been there offering to help.

Mum, you have gone above and beyond on countless occasions. Here are just a few that spring to mind!

  • Bringing a hat stand we needed for a trade exhibition all the way to London on the train
  • Keeping me giggling when we had to take the hat stand on the tube home!
  • Putting up with receiving a Weather clock for Christmas, followed soon after by a Tide clock for your birthday present
  • Agreeing to having the garage filled entirely for the last year by a pallet of Bramwell Brown stuff
  • Cancelling arrangements in order to be at home when the pallet needed collecting… and returning again
  • Cheering us up with warm hugs and comforting suppers (the best lasagne) after a long day and tiresome journey
  • Always being there as a sounding board when I need a good moan!
  • Driving from Lancashire to the NEC on a wet February evening to help dismantle our Spring Fair exhibition stand and ferry everything at speed to the car before it had to be moved from the loading bay
  • And, what has to be at Number One, driving said car all the way home again on your own (and unloading it) while Rob and I went to the pub!

Mum you’ve been a hero and we couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you!

(We are glad, though, that we can now choose our clothes ourselves)

Happy Mother's Day to all those amazing Mum's out there from all of us at Bramwell Brown - what would we do without you...