The Bramwell Brown Blog

A little about our logo…

By Sarah & Rob

Our Peacock logo, or Irvine, as we have come to refer to him as, was initially chosen to reflect a number of things we feel are important aspects of Bramwell Brown. To us, Peacocks have always seemed quite old fashioned, British, eccentric animals to have around. They’re associated with grand old houses like one not far from where we grew up - where there was one strutting around in the garden. Our “mascot”, Irvine, to us, represents a slightly barmy but very distinguished gentleman with style, sophistication but an appealing modesty!

To add to this sense of character there are many facts about Peacocks that you might not know. These add even more reasons why Peacocks and Bramwell Brown go together like sunshine and picnics!

1. Just like our Weather Clocks, a Peacock's calls are believed to forecast the onset of rain. Even the poet Michael Drayton (1536-1631) wrote about the strutting Peacock 'yowling 'gainst the rain.'

2. Peacock feathers are believed to ward off evil, especially evil spirits. In India the Peacock is seen as a guardian to royalty and is often viewed in the engravings on royal thrones. The mere sight of the bird is believed to bring good luck and peace of mind.

3. The Peacock was also adopted by Christians and is still used in the Easter season in the East, for its associations with immortality. The 'eyes' in the peacock's tail feathers symbolise the all-seeing Christian God and – in some interpretations – the Church.

4. A family of Peafowls (male = Peacock, female = Peahen) is called a 'Bevy' and a group of Peafowls is called a 'Party!'

5. And finally, in some cultures, the Peacock is a symbol of pride or vanity - due to the way the bird struts and shows off its plumage.

Well... we're as proud as a Peacock to have 'Irvine' as our Bramwell Brown logo! We hope you like him as much as we do.