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Top 10 ways to use wall clocks with maximum impact!


Timepieces can make a huge statement with their graphic nature and can fill a wall like nothing else. They also help provide order and assurances in households or places of work where good timekeeping is a necessary part of everyday life.

With this in mind, we have created a list of our top 10 ways of using a clock in interior design so that it looks its best and contributes most to the room that it is placed in.  


1. Make a Statement 

Wall clocks can either blend into your interior design scheme, by using the same colour palate or tone as the wall or become the stand out, centre piece of a room.

A great way to create this focal point is by using an oversized or ornate wall clock. At Bramwell Brown we love big clocks and our Large Weather Clock is quite something to behold when its put in place on your wall.

    Giant white wall clock


    2. Colour Splash 

    If you have a neutral room, using a brightly coloured clock can set the theme for the room, as well as adding accents of colour to your design scheme. Bright colours, like that in our Limited Edition 'Benjamin Craven' Weather Clock, or simply a wall clock with a funky coloured frame can really draw attention on a pale background.


      3. Instant update

      Want to update your room but don’t want to spend a fortune on paint/wall paper or artwork? Wall clocks are ideal for quick fixes, spicing up a room instantly with their elegant shapes and interesting designs. Even small-sized clocks can create a point of focus or interest on a wall.

      Fun retro wall clock in contemporary home


      4. Talking piece 

      Hanging a mechanical, quirky or antique clock in a prominent position in your home, especially in the kitchen or dining room is a fantastic talking point. The more unusual the better in this regard. The button on the bottom of each Bramwell Brown clock even allows for the clock's clever mechanics to be shown off whenever anyone asks about it!

      Giant Wall Clock in Kitchen


      5. Gallery wall

      Displaying multiple timepieces of different shapes, sizes and colours is a clever and yet simple way of creating a dramatic feature wall display in your own home. The important thing here is simply in the variation of design and sizes of clocks on your gallery wall. You really need to commit to this because a gathering of, say, only three clocks can look a little odd versus a more considerable collection. Car boot sales are an excellent place to find clocks of all shapes and sizes to add to your current collection.

        Industrial wall for clocks in contemporary home


        6. Collectors pieces

        With such a broad spectrum of clocks available, clocks can be really fun to collect. Even spread throughout the home, rather in one room, unusual time-pieces can delight staying guests. You can often pick up older, possibly wind-up clocks, from antique shops in working condition at relatively low prices. And unless your usual visitors are knowledgeable about historical timepieces then any sort of clock that you personally enjoy having around will no doubt go down well.


        7. Time stands still

        Wall clocks can be used to mark special events, for example children’s birth times (clocks are stopped at the time of birth) and can be displayed next to special photographs. If you have a clock that is no longer working then this could be the perfect use for it!

        Clocks for members of the family 


        8. Make it completely unique to you and your family 

        Some clocks can be personalised. The addition of the family name or the name of your house, can make a clock a truly special addition to your home. Our Personalised Clock faces for our Weather Clocks give the added thrill of your 'personal' weather forecast! 

           Wall clock with personalised text on the face


          9. A link to loved ones abroad

          Hanging three or four wall clocks in a row set to a few different world time zones is a clever way of feeling connected with those you miss in other parts of the world. Pair the clocks with photos, maps or treasured keepsakes for added impact.


           New York and London time wall clocks


          10. Tick tock, tick tock 

          Wall clocks don’t simply have visual appeal, the rhythm of a clock with its with moving parts and spinning cogs can be very relaxing and the steady ‘tick tock’ extremely soothing – perfect for a calming living room or snug setting! Whilst Bramwell Brown clocks have silent mechanisms that don't produce a ticking noise, older case or grandfather clocks can really add an ambiance to a home like no other object!


          Read what Bramwell Brown customers say about the clocks in their homes!


          4 Clocks Recommendations for You

          1. Bespoke Pilots Weather Clock

          Pilots' Weather Clock

          For someone who might have an interest in flying (either as a passenger or a pilot), Bramwell Brown fills the niche for the market with their Bespoke Pilots Weather Clock. The clock's mechanimated window features aircrafts zipping through the sky, in all weather conditions to show off the skills of a true pilot

          Bramwell Brown can even personalise your clock further, with a bespoke aircraft that uses your numbers and colours to simulate your adventure through the clouds. This personal touch will delight any pilot to see themselves represented in the sky, and you can further personalise with a message as well. The message sits just above the mechanimated window, and can make a wonderful gift for a maiden flight anniversary or a flying achievement commemoration.

          2. Into the Wild Weather Clock

          Into the Wild Weather Clock

          For the nature enthusiast who also loves camping, Bramwell Brown's Into the Wild Weather Clock is a wonderful reminder of all the great things that the outdoors have to offer. Getting away from the classic London and UK scenes, artist Patterson draws inspiration from the North American wilderness that looms darkly in some pictorials. This eye-catching clock showcases tall pines, mountains and deep rivers in all weather conditions. Fluffy clouds mingle with somber ones as the weather changes.

          The internal barometer reflects the weather through the moving scenes at the bottom of the clock and has a display at the top that reads what the conditions are. This is a limited edition clock, with only 250 units made in the world and it's a decent-sized clock that commands more attention than its size suggests.

          3. London Weather Clock

          London Weather Clock

          Whether you're a tourist or a native, the London Weather Clock is a gem that features classic London scenes to make you smile. Watch a taxi driver go around to pick up a passenger or see tourists on a boat taking in the sights and sounds of the Thames.

          Personalise it with a custom frame as well, to go with your existing decor. This lovely clock tells the time while also telling a story of the vibrant residents and visitors of London as they contend with the often pessimistic weather. The artist uses a more sepia-toned palette to bring the city to life, ensuring that it calls the right kind of attention and looks at home on your walls. And like the other limited edition clocks, the London Weather Clock has only 250 units manufactured.

          4. Cycling Weather Clock

          Cyclists' Weather Clock

          There are few tiny pleasures in life as healthy as cycling, whether as a means of transportation or exercise, or simply a leisurely pastime, bicycling is a wonderful activity that defines London. Michael Mantel truly brings the London bike scene to life with a classically animated style that is reminiscent of children’s books and fond memories. Watch residents cycle through wind, rain and golden sunny conditions and see how prepared (or not) everyone is as they brave the weather.

          This limited edition clock (250 clocks only!) is a great piece of decor for any wall and can command attention without overshadowing your current style. The clock houses Bramwell Brown’s cunning engineering like their other Weather Clocks and is 33cm in diameter, making it a medium-sized clock that you can still read from far away. As a hand-assembled artisan decor, this clock will bring you smiles for a lifetime.



          A fantastic addition to any room: take a look at our Weather Clocks

          Bramwell Brown Weather Clock