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10 ways to update your interiors with a clock!

By Rob & Sarah

Co-Founders of Bramwell Brown Clocks

The clocks spring forward in Great Britain this weekend (Sunday 26th March) and Spring is the perfect time to update your interiors. Did you know that adding a new timepiece into your home can instantly update your home interiors without breaking the bank – here’s 10 suggestions of how to update your interiors using a clock!

1. Think Big

Forget the TV, why not make a statement with a clock as your centre piece in the living room. It certainly makes for a talking point – you won’t need a TV!

 Giant wall clock in living room


2. Decorate

Clocks don’t just have to be for telling the time they can be used to decorate too! Why not use a collection of clocks to make a style or colour statement. You won’t regret it!

 small clocks on a shelf ideas


3. Create some theatre in your home

Clocks have other functions too... A Bramwell Brown mechanimated clock not only keeps time but also tells you the weather too with the artwork moving like a tiny theatre set!

 Bramwell Brown's unique Blue Wall Clock


4. Enhance your theme

If you’ve plumped for a theme e.g Victorian or Retro then a replica clock can really enhance that theme, adding real character to the room! 

Retro wall clock in contemporary room 

5. Where do you hang yours?

We tend to think that clocks have to be hung in the living room or kitchen but what’s stopping you make a statement in the bathroom or bedroom!

Huge wall clock hung in bathroom  

6. Take it outside 

Clocks look fantastic in the garden – even better if it can be seen from the inside as adds impact from the inside as well as outside! Make sure it’s suitable to be hung outside of course!

 Wall clocks for British weather 

7. Do it yourself 

There’s no reason why you can’t buy stickers and a simple clock mechanism and make your own wall clock – you just need some time on your hands!

 Massive contemporary wall clock

8. Open plan living 

There are a lot of old station clocks available to buy from reclaimation yards and eBay – these look great in open plan spaces as you can view the clock face from both sides – however you’d have no excuse to ever be late!

Station clocks for the kitchen  

9. Grand Plans 

We grew up with a Grandfather’s clock in the house but they are often seen as old fashioned these days. There are plenty of modern day alternatives in bright colours that can add an interesting accent to a room! 

Funky retro clock for contemporary home interior 

10. Gallery Wall

Clocks are like mini works of art – why not add in a clock amongst your art prints and add interest to your display.


Wall clock in scandi living room 

However you choose to accessorise with clocks, make sure you don't forget to put yours forward 1 hour on Sunday! 

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