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Personalised Clocks: What would you choose?

Ideas for Personalised Weather Clock Faces

A gift that really stands the test of time is a personalised wall clock and at Bramwell Brown Clocks we can personalise all of our Weather Clocks in a few different styles to make it extra special. Whether you are looking for a wedding or housewarming gift or perhaps a well-deserved gift for yourself, here are some ideas to make your Weather Clock even more unique than the one you spotted on your friend's wall.


1. For Weddings & Anniversaries 

We can print the couples name and a wedding date, we can also print bespoke text such as ‘Together whatever the Weather…’

Personalised Weather Clock


2. For a unique House Warming gift 

We can print bespoke text such ‘Today’s Weather Forecast for 10 Cleveland Road is… or the name of the family and house e.g. The Delamore Family, Fisher House’

Personalised Face for your Weather Clock


3. If you Love Where you Live in the Capital

Our Weather Clocks can now be personalised with the iconic London Street sign design, tailored to your bespoke postcode and street name.

 Personalised clocks uk


All of our Weather Clocks are hand-assembled in our workshop in Hampshire meaning that it is possible for us to create bespoke timepieces just for you. As long as you don’t exceed two lines of text – it’s a blank canvas with unlimited possibilities to create a unique gift.

What would you choose?

Visit the Personalised Clock face product page. Or if you’d like more information on how to personalise your Weather Clock please do get in touch with a member of the team - we'd be very happy to discuss your requirements.