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6 Wall Clock Ideas for Living Room

The living room is likely a spot where you spend a lot of time, so making it a space where you feel comforted and inspired can be quite a task. However, with a near-endless variety of clocks, your design and decor potential is limited only by your imagination and wallet. There are so many ways to decorate with a wall clock, or use timepieces as a central part of your decor. 

The best place to start is by considering your theme and choosing an anchor piece that reflects the core of that style. From there, you can branch out by considering some of the ideas below.

1. A Big Timepiece

a big timepiece

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If you’re looking to make a statement, pick a wall and hang a huge clock on it. It will be the defining feature of that wall, so make sure that it goes well with current or future decor. You can select something with a minimal or abstract face or go ornate with wood and accents for a grand effect. 

Make sure that you’re able to hang it securely and that if you do decide to decorate the rest of the wall, give the clock ample space on its own so that the wall won’t look crowded. A sleek look involves a huge clock, like Bramwell Brown’s largest model, paired with decor of varying height like an end table or shelves that back onto the wall but don’t actually occupy the same space.

2. Minimal Face

Minimal face wall clock

One way to create visual interest is to use the wall as your clock’s face. With a set of hands and hour-markers, you can make the clock as small or big as you want, so you’re able to tailor the design to the room. 

Once the mechanism for the hands is affixed to the wall, consider if you’d like to go minimal and use dots to mark the increments or go classic with Roman, Arabic or lexical numerals. You might even skip that and use framed photographs instead--each hour being represented by a precious moment captured on film.

3. Mirror Clock

Mirror clock

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If you’re short on space or want to create the illusion of depth, consider a clock with a mirror for a face. A bigger clock will reflect more space and light, but a smaller clock can also act as a hallway mirror to double check your appearance before leaving home.

Consider a mirror clock with minimalist numbers if you want the mirror to be functional as a looking glass, but don’t discount a clock that uses its mirror as an accent. The reflectivity of a mirror can play with light and colours in fun ways that you may not have considered. This could be a great piece for your current decor to highlight the ambiance that you’ve created.

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4. Dual-Purpose Clock

Bramwell Brown Weather Clock in the Kitchen

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If you’re looking to make the most of the space you have in your living room, think about a clock that can do double duty. You’ll be using space efficiently in your home if you have a timepiece that also has a second function. 

Bramwell Brown’s clocks, for example, use a barometer system to predict weather in addition to telling the time. Their line of clocks features a window that displays weather graphics and a description of what you can expect for the day. It’s a perfect addition to nearly any style and with various sizes, you are likely to get something that fits great on your wall.

Other kinds of dual-purpose clocks are ones that keep track of the moon’s phases or ones that keep record of the day, month or even year. 

5. A Bunch of Clocks

A bunch of clocks interior design

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Sometimes it’s hard to compromise and pick just one favourite timepiece. If you struggle with choice and love clocks, consider a wall full of them! You can pick out clocks of various sizes, and fill a wall or section with wonderful timepieces. You can consider adopting a certain style, so that you can create a cohesive canvas of art, or go eclectic and put up any clock that resonates with you to make a collage of styles.

There are few ways to execute this idea wrong--so whether you want a big focal timepiece in the center and go from there with smaller clocks or you’d like to just have an array of clocks, it will look playful and amusing. Consider the layout of wall space that you’re using--and decide how many clocks you’d like to fit in one spot. 

If you like a tidier appearance to fit more with your current decor, consider a row of clocks. You can set them to different time zones, which can be handy if you have relatives living abroad or have business contacts in other countries.

6. Accent Shelves

You might find that the wall is a bit bare surrounding your clock, but it may be difficult to find something else to put on the wall that doesn’t pull focus from your timepiece. A simple and elegant solution is shelving on either side of your timepiece. You can do a symmetrical set on either side, or do a single shelf with an open panel for the clock in the middle, or get a little bit wild and stagger some shelves in an offset pattern for visual interest.

Once you’ve got your shelves set, you can fill them with anything that you desire. Some ideas might be a knick-knack display for little items that you’ve collected over the years and not had a spot for, or favourite books that impacted you, or sentimental gifts that you’ve received from special people in your life. You could even find three-dimensional art to fit your shelves that carry on the style of your clock to complete your aesthetic. 

Play around with some concepts, use the ideas above to create your own space. Maybe you can use a dual-purpose clock like one from Bramwell Brown and complement the wall with shelves, or use multiple mirror clocks to create a stunning kaleidoscopic effect. Stick to styles that you love and you’re bound to find something wonderful.

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