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Where is the Best Place to Put a Wall Clock

You may be searching for some inspiration on where to put a wall clock. Maybe it was a planned purchase but the spot you were originally thinking of isn’t working out the way you hoped, or maybe it was an impulse purchase that you’re now tasked with finding a home for.

Searching for the perfect spot for a clock in your home can be a trial-and-error experience, so you want to arm yourself with some tips before you go hammering nails into the wall. Take a look through some of the pros and cons of wall clock placement in different areas of your home.


Bramwell Brown Weather Clock in the Bedroom

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Your bedroom might be a spot that you’re considering, especially if you spend a lot of time there. It can be a place of rest, study and relaxation, so it might be good to have the time handy when you’re in your room preparing for the day. The last thing you’d want is to be late to work or school because you didn’t realise what time it was when you started dressing.

However, at night when it’s quiet and you’re trying to sleep, the tick-tocking of the clock may serve to keep you up or even worsen insomnia. Even if your clock is soundless, if it’s in view from your bed or just knowing that it’s counting down the seconds until morning, can make you too anxious to sleep. According to Matthew Walker, a sleep scientist and the author of the book “Why We Sleep”, clocks can worsen the sleep of those suffering from insomnia and hiding it from the view will help to forget about the time and relax.

A bad night’s sleep isn’t healthy and doesn’t set you up for your best potential, so it’s best to consider whether or not a clock in the bedroom outweighs the cons. Likely, an alarm clock in your room to wake you up will be fine, and try pointing the face away from your bed so that you’re not tempted to check on it. Calculating how long you have left to sleep is a recipe for a sleepless night.


Bramwell Brown Clock in the Kitchen

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The kitchen could be a great spot for your clock, especially when it’s in view of the table and the stove. Having a clock here can help you keep time for anything that you’re baking or cooking, if you don’t have a timer handy. With the clock in view of the table, it allows you to keep track of the time so that you can have a smooth morning routine and it also lets guests have an eye on the time in case they need to go home and don’t want to be checking their watch constantly.

A clock in this case serves as a timer for you to plan out your meals, and act as a way for guests (or yourself) to monitor time without seeming rude. Make sure that it’s placed in a spot where it doesn’t require obvious movements in order to check the time, and a clock with an easy to read and clear face like the Bramwell Brown line makes for a surreptitious glance.

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Study or Office

Weather Clock in the Study or Office

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Your office or study room is an ideal place for a clock. Even if you check the time on your computer or your phone, you may notice that seconds after checking, you don’t really remember what time it is because though you glanced at the time, there are multiple competing stimuli for your attention and remembering what time it is didn’t become priority information. When you check a clock, you’re forced to read the time and pay attention to do so, making it a more involved experience so that the information is relayed properly to memory.

A clock in your office is a good way to keep track of time, and also take a screen or book break for your eyes. Intense focus like what we use when we’re reading on a bright screen can cause eye strain, and looking away from our screens for 15 seconds or so to read the time on a wall some distance away helps to give our eyes a rest. If you find yourself having headaches or your eyes feel fatigued after long periods of staring at the screen, a wall clock might help form the habit of looking away for a break.

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Hallway or Entrance Way

Bramwell Brown Weather Clock in the Hallway

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The entranceway may seem like an obvious place to put a wall clock, and for good reason. As you’re headed out or coming back home, having a clock nearby to tell the time can help you keep your schedule. It is also another spot to enhance your decor and really set the aesthetic from the very start of your home.

In the hallway may seem counterintuitive since it’s a place that is often transitional and you’re not likely to spend any significant time in a hallway. However, since it’s a place that you likely traverse frequently, passing by a clock that you can glance at to update yourself on the time may be a good idea as it’s easy to lose track when you’re running back and forth.

Keeping these unique ideas in mind, you might just find that perfect spot for your clock. You’ll want to make sure that you fit the aesthetic as much as the function when you pick a room and position for your clock. A clock that looks like it belongs and also helps you stay on time in your daily life is worth an investment of time and money.  

The size of the clock will also help you to determine which room and wall has space to accommodate your new piece. Bramwell Brown has a few varieties of their classic Weather Clock, ranging from clocks ideal for the hallway to a Large Weather Clock that would go well in your kitchen. Make sure to test out a few rooms, leaving behind your phone and watch, to see where you find you need a clock the most and then, work from there.


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