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Large Weather Clock

Forecasting the weather with beautiful mechanical movements, this weather wall clock is an amazing addition to any home. Designed and hand-assembled in Britain. Click here to see if our specialist couriers can deliver to your postcode.

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  • A real statement piece - Working in the same way as its smaller sister product, just on a more impressive scale, this is the wall clock to turn heads and make an impact.
  • Totally unique clock - In a world of digital screens, the Large Weather Clocks are beautifully analogue. A clever arrangement of moving parts and evocative illustrations, all controlled by the simple barometric sensor at its core.
  • A reinvented barometer - The Weather Clock measures the speed and direction of atmospheric pressure changes then translates this into a forecast depicted by the mechanically animated sky in the display window.
  • Five weather scenes - Just like the weather barometers of old, the forecast varies between ‘Very Dry’, ‘Fair’, ‘Change’, ‘Rain’ and ‘Stormy’ with an appropriately clouded up weather scene for the hours or day ahead.
  • Sustainable design - As with all quality timepieces, Bramwell Brown has designed and continues to build its Weather Clocks for a long and happy life on your wall. From the choice of parts and materials to its hand-assembly in Great Britain, the clock is fully serviceable (if it ever needs to be) – an important commitment by Bramwell Brown to eschew the modern ‘throw away’ culture, returning to a more traditional and sustainable product design
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  • Hand Assembled
    Our Large Weather Clocks are assembled by hand at our workshop in Hampshire, England – delicate, skilled work.

  • Watch it change
    Why wait for the weather to turn? Press the ‘Mechanimate Button’ on the base to make it whizz into life – then watch the reaction from friends and family.

  • Mechanimated illustrations
    The illustrated scenes change with the air pressure, just like the barometers of old: ‘Very Dry’, ‘Fair’, ‘Change’, ‘Rain’, and ‘Stormy’.

  • Easy to hang (indoors!)
    Two screws in the wall hold the clock and you get a nifty hanging guide to help you position it. For indoor use only – but please don't hang its delicate mechanics directly over a hot radiator.

  • Certificate of Authenticity
    A badge of honour for every Large Weather Clock we make at the workshop, signed by the team members that assembled it for you.

  • Personalise your clock with a bespoke clock face
    A weather clock makes an exceptional present for a wedding, anniversary or housewarming. The only thing better? Having one assembled specially for the occasion, with a personal message printed on the clock face to mark the memory. Click here to find out more.

  • We’re convinced you’ll love your clock!
    If, for whatever reason it doesn’t suit you, you have a full 60 days from delivery to exchange your clock for a different one or return it to us for a full refund. You can read more about our hassle-free process here.
    Or, if you're gifting a clock and are unsure what type to give then why not purchase a Gift Card?.

  • Dimensions
    Large Weather Clock:
    53cm (21 inches) diameter
    12.5cm (5 inches) deep

  • Quality quartz movement
    German-made quartz mechanism keeps the clock hands on time.

  • Quality materials
    The hand-finished steel clock frame is Powder coated in Yorkshire with a silky smooth Black, Grey or Blue finish. Printed card clock face sits behind the anodised metal minute and hour hands. Each batch of weather artwork is on lightweight artboard, produced and cut out by our printers in Somerset. The clock window is shatterproof Lumex.

  • Runs on regular batteries
    Included, of course, with all clocks.

  • Shipping
    Due to their very delicate nature, our large clocks can only be shipped within the UK with our specialist couriers to certain postcodes. Click here to check if your own postcode is covered. This not only ensures your clock is delivered with kid-gloves but also gives a personal touch to your clock’s and arrival at a time that fits your schedule. Generally speaking, delivery is within 2-3 weeks. If you have a deadline to meet then please tell us about it here and we’ll do our best to help!