Hello there!

Our regular-sized Weather and Tide clocks - at 33cm diameter and 12.5cm deep - are already pretty 'big'. However, we know that our Giant Weather Clocks - at 53cm diameter - are also very popular due to their even grander size. They are a fantastic statement piece on a large wall.

Giant Weather Clock and Regular-sized Weather Clock

As our Clocks hold value in personal and financial terms, we know that they accompany families during house moves, home renovations, building extensions and general 'changing times'. 

We are therefore interested in being able to offer a 'Trade up' scheme where Bramwell Brown customers can give us back their Regular-sized Weather Clock or Tide Clock for refurbishment and re-sale, in exchange for a discounted Giant Weather Clock.

We hope that this displays our belief that our clocks can find a new home, even after years of use on someone else's wall. 

We're still formulating a plan on how we can logistcally achieve a 'Trade up' scheme. Depending on what interest we have from clock owners, we will design a system that will hopefully work smoothly. For example, the 'delivery' and 'collection' of clocks would preferably be done at the same time in a doorstep exchange. 

In terms of trade in values, it's perhaps worth clarifying a few things before you complete the form below:

- If and when we receive customer exchanges or returned clocks, we check them over, test them and put them back on sale as a 'Re-loved Clock' at a discounted price. Usually a 20% discount.

- It will likely cost the workshop in materials and hours about £150 to refurbish any regular-sized clock with a previous history, up to a standard suitable for sale as a Re-loved Clock. 

- Clocks that were made prior to 2017 are likely to be very difficult to refurbish to a sellable standard due to their lack of a 'Transport Lock' in the core mechanism. We are yet to decide what we can do best for these clocks!


If you're interested in being kept up to speed on the opportunity to take a 'Trade Up' then please do fill out the below form and the team will be in touch in due course with further information.

Many thanks for your time,

Rob & Sarah

(Co-Founders of Bramwell Brown Clocks)