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The Perfect Clocks for Holiday Homes

Holiday homes, holiday cottages and staycation lettings have professionalised hugely over recent years. Dreary and neglected furnishings and accessories have been replaced with slick interiors and fantastic surroundings for the visitor to enjoy throughout the entire year, not just the warmer summer holiday months.

Being designers, we've always paid attention to interiors and lusted over well put together homes. Going on holiday and staying in well designed spaces can provide real inspiration for your own home and help make some of the big decisions on furnishing and design. 

Clock down a hallway

As clock makers, Bramwell Brown have enjoyed partnering with choice holiday home owners and operators. For the very best locations we are able to offer Weather Clocks and Tide Clocks for exhibiting. This is a win-win situation for ourselves and the holiday home manager.

The fantastic Unique Irish Homes are just one of these operators. Managing some of Ireland's very best holiday lets, the quality of interiors that they offer is at another level to what you often see available. 

Clock on wall with artwork

Unique Irish Homes have begun a partnership with Bramwell Brown to take our Weather Clocks and Tide Clocks for their most suitable locations. The fantastic Cove Lodge in County Waterford has recently had a no-expense spared renovation. The house boasts stunning decor, pops of bright colour and the all-important 'calm' that a holiday home should afford.

When first discussing a partnership with Unique Irish Homes, one of the main positives for Bramwell Brown was their real relationship with the homeowners. They know them personally and even understand their tastes and wishes for interiors. Cove Lodge was renovated with Unique Irish Homes guests specifically in mind. Which just heaps quality on top of the already fantastic location in County Waterford.

Outside view of Cove Lodge

Unique Irish Homes show tours of their properties like Cove Lodge (above) on their Tiktok profile.

Other Lets that Bramwell Brown have worked with include "Suffolk Retreats". This property in Suffolk, England, has been very popular in recent times with an increase in 'staycations'. The Bramwell Brown Weather Clock at the main house is unusually positioned relatively close to the hot tub that guests can also enjoy. (N.B - not "too" close so that the clock's mechanics get steamy!)

Suffolk Retreats, England

This indoor-outdoor element connected to the Weather Clock's forecasts gives extra conversation for the holiday makers as to whether they should be outside on walks or enjoying the plush indoors. Rises in air pressure signalling better weather conditions in both summer and winter months.

Clock on brick wall in holiday home

The playfulness and the intrigue of our clocks can really create interest in what Bramwell Brown do. Visitors to the holiday home will hopefully look up who we are and what clocks we make, considering a purchase for their own home. Referral and word of mouth sales are essential to the business and its long term growth. 

Speaking to Bramwell Brown customers, it's the concept of our clocks becoming extra 'characters' in their homes that is what creates delight. For example, when the family are all sat having dinner together and the Weather Clock changes forecast, everyone has something to say or talk about. Some clock owners have even given their clocks names!

Living with a Weather Clock or Tide Clock, even for a long weekend is therefore a great way to get to understand a clock and enjoy its company. They are not just 'normal' clocks but very special and unique additions to a home.

Tide Clock in a family home

If you're interested in the possibility of a Weather Clock or Tide Clock in a successful and well designed holiday home in the United Kingdom then the Bramwell Brown team would be pleased to hear from you to discuss more. You can reach out to them via this form