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Meet the Illustrator...

Meet the Illustrator
by Rob & Sarah

Our first illustrator in this series is Josh Patterson, who worked with us on the London Clock launched in September and Into the Wild Clock to be released in 2017.

Tell us about yourself? 

After graduating from Birmingham City University with a first in visual communications, I've spent the last few years illustrating for a variety of companies, brands, magazines and books. The majority of my work is highly conceptual and editorial based, as this allows me the freedom to express abstract and contemporary thinking. Last June, Rob & Sarah spotted my work at New Designers exhibition and immediately commissioned me to collaborate on the 'artwork' for their new London Weather Clock and two further clocks which have not been released yet!

What was your inspiration for the London clock artwork?

Rob and Sarah always knew they wanted to create a London clock, but were happy for me to interpret the illustrations however I wished. For the London clock it was easy - I was born in Lewisham, and living just north of London from an early age, I have always been closely connected to the City. I wanted the artwork to capture London’s energy and constant high spirit - even on the rainy days! Through close collaboration with Rob & Sarah, we came up with something that, I feel, illustrates this perfectly.

Describe your illustration style in just three words...

Lively, colourful, contemporary.

Who inspires you?

I guess it’s not a question of who, it's a question of what... and the answer would be, almost anything! I think, almost subconsciously, I use my my work as an outlet to express and ‘illustrate’ particular interests of mine. Be it music, fashion or even other illustration styles, I am always aware of my environment and the culture and creativity that surrounds it, and I love to take inspiration from it. I have been described by some as ‘an observer’ as I tend to sit back and just soak up information and inspiration. Sometimes I’m not sure whether that’s a good thing or not but it certainly helps with my work!

What do you love about being an illustrator?

I know it’s a bit of a cliche answer, but I feel very humbled to be able to say I do something I love as a profession. From a very early age I always really enjoyed drawing and, to be honest, have never imagined myself doing anything else. So I guess you could say I’ve achieved one of my childhood ambitions! Another thing I love though, is the satisfying feeling when a project or concept starts to come together and you’re like ‘yeah… this is gonna look awesome’.

How do you create your illustrations? Do you sketch, draw, paint?

Depending on what I’m working on, I tend to produce a series of rough thumbnail sketches. Once a I’ve chosen a few concepts I like, I’ll produce roughs either on paper or on computer to show to the client. Once they’ve confirmed which piece they’d like me to take forward, I’ll work into it further in Adobe Illustrator. All my work is vector based, excluding the textures, which I tend to either hand make or find online. Either way, I love using texture in my work as I think it gives it a much more authentic and, perhaps, retro feel.

Which is your favourite Bramwell Brown clock and why?

I would probably say my favourite is the ‘Into the Wild’ clock - which is yet to be published - so I’m very excited for when it does. The artwork for this one was inspired by a trip to Canada I took a couple of years ago. I had never been before, but I just fell in love with the atmosphere and scenery there. I can definitely see myself moving there one day. (I may have to pinch one of the clocks if I do go!)

What's next for you?

At the moment I’m still freelancing and it’s going pretty well. I tend to mainly produce editorial illustrations but, I'm looking to focus my work in the advertising and publishing sector of the industry now. I’ve recently gained representation from an agency so hopefully they’ll be able to help that happen.

I’m also revisiting a personal project I started back in May. It’s based on a trip around Europe my girlfriend and I took earlier this year, and illustrates the different cities we visited whilst travelling. I’m not exactly sure where I plan on going with the project but I’m excited to see how it develops.

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