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Meet the Customer and their Weather Clock #3

This week we are meeting Adam & Kirstie @thechapelhouse38

Can you tell us about yourself?

Hi, we are Adam and Kirstie, along with our two year old son Beauden , we live in Cambridge in a listed Chapel manse, that has become our project over the last 16 months and expect to continue for many more.

Despite working in the consultancy and medical fields, we have had a strong passion for art and design and look to reflect this in the choices we make within our home, whether it be something quirky, such as a Banksy piece to something more traditional such as our Bramwell Brown.

Image of Chapelhouse38 grey clock

How did you discover Bramwell Brown?

Adam … he has always has a passion for watches and timepieces. So much so that while we were in Geneva he made us visit the Patek Philippe museum - one of his things he must do, let alone spending too long looking at the various timepieces on display by the lake itself!

The clocks look amazing on the website and it was just coincidental that we happened the visit Max Southwold, a design shop by the Southwold coast who had a few on display. After a conversation with Max’s mum about watches (again) the clock was ours. 

What inspired you to purchase your Bramwell Brown Clock?

We like things that make you go …. “Ooooooo!” and the Bramwell Brown is definitely one of those pieces. The working barometer and changing weather pictures adds to the theatre of the rooms. As soon as we hear the mechanism change, there is always that hope it is going to change to a more optimistic outlook on the weather front.

Where do you hang your Bramwell Brown Weather Clock and why?

Our clock hangs in the dining room, it was a room we had recently decorated and redesigned which meant there was a blank wall which was just perfect. The matt surround perfectly complements the colour of the wall too.

Was there a special reason that you bought the particular colour Weather Clock?

Nope! All the colours are fantastic and as we look on the website, see there are a couple more colours added. The grey we have is timeless, which is quite fitting given it is a clock.

Can you sum your Bramwell Brown Weather Clock up in three words?

Probably best left to Beauden …. “Rain…. Wellies on!” 

Thank you to Adam & Kirstie for speaking with us.