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Meet the content creator and their Weather Clock - Pips Taylor

This week we are meeting broadcaster Pips Taylor

Can you tell us about yourself?

I am a TV & Radio Broadcaster, Interviewer & DJ, who loves music, cooking and exploring the great outdoors with my dog Rocket!

Can you tell us about your new podcast?

I have a lifestyle podcast Eat Rave Rest Repeat with my best pal Simon and we interview interesting people all about what they eat and cook, how they like to rave and go out and then how they look after themselves! Our latest series we have interviewed Vick Hope, James Haskell & Laura Whitmore - you can listen via itunes! 

What's your favourite room in your house and why?

We have one big living room, kitchen & dining space which is the centre of our house, we have managed to section it up quite well so it feels different which has definitely helped being at home so much the last few months!  I love our Art Wall which has taken years to curate!

Where do you hang your Bramwell Brown Weather Clock and why?

Our lovely copper clock is in the kitchen and it’s the first thing you see when you enter our house - it’s the perfect place to check the weather before I pop out and to welcome me home after a long dog walk! I use it to tell if I need to take an umbrella out with me and I'm amazed at how precise it is!

Can you sum your Bramwell Brown Weather Clock up in three words?

Clever, Informative and Fun!

In the current climate we're going to be spending even more time at home, are you planning on undertaking any home interiors plans?  

I don't know about you but there always seems to be something that needs to be done/tidied, hung/ de-cluttered so I have tried to break the back of that whilst at home. Spending more time indoors is great but I do love to give areas a different feel such as getting flowers and I have enjoyed switching areas up with new cushions & throws to shake the four walls up a bit!

Finally, we love mechanical/analogue objects (as you can probably tell) what mechanical/analogue items (record plays, analogue cameras etc) do you have in your home or remember from your childhood that you love(d)?

At home I have my DJ decks & Crossley record player which is great for an impromtu party (for 6 people at the moment of course!) I always remember my Dads' record player and I would sift through his old records like Cream and Duran Duran and that definitely impacted my love for music and DJing! 

Thank you to Pips for speaking with us.