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Meet the Blogger and their Weather Clock - Erica Vonderwall

This week we are meeting the blogger Erica Vonderwall from lifestyle blog I'm Being Erica

Can you tell us a bit about your blog please?

Sure! So, it started out as a bit of a diary for my mum and friends back home to read to keep up with my travels and day-to-day in London (I’m not from here!), but it snowballed into something.. more. It’s still very personal and chatty – less of the product placement and think pieces, but more of me. A lot of me.

What’s your favourite room in your house and why?

My bedroom, 100%, because it’s the only place in my flat that’s totally mine. I don’t share it with anyone, it’s decorated by me, and it’s full of all my favourite things – namely, plants, clothes, and too many empty bottles of perfume.

Where do you hang your Bramwell Brown Weather Clock and why?

Again, it’s hanging in my bedroom, above my fireplace, where I can watch all its moving parts and admire the cleverness of it all!

Can you sum your Bramwell Brown Weather Clock up in three words?

Shiny, clever, reliable!

Any tips for incorporating clocks into your interior design?

For me, I wanted to hang the clock on an already-very busy wall, so I had to really reimagine the decoration I already had in place. My walls are high and the fireplace too, so the gallery wall of prints had to be spaced up and out a little more to make room for the new addition. It’s all worked out perfectly, and I can’t have imagined it coming together any better!

You love to travel – where is your favourite destination and why?
Japan was my absolutely favourite trip so far, for so many reasons. The culture is incredible; so friendly and respectful, and the food is out of this world. I was expecting it to be scary and overwhelming and difficult to navigate, but it couldn’t have been more different. I would highly recommend visiting that beautiful country to just about everyone.

Finally, we love mechanical/analogue objects what mechanical/analogue items do you have in your home or remember from your childhood that you love(d)?

I have not one but two record players and a big box of retro vinyl that I pull out on those special weekends when the weather isn’t the nicest, and I sit up in my bed with a pot of coffee and a good book, and I let the records play. That’s my happy place!

Thank you to Erica for speaking with us!