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Meet the Blogger and their Weather Clock - Sarah Mailer

This week we are talking to Sarah Mailer, interior designer and blogger at Girl About House...

Can you tell us a bit about your blog please?

Girl About House was launched in June 2017 after years of wanting to take the leap but not quite knowing how (or having the confidence, to be honest). In one way, an extension of my interior design business, I wanted an outlet to offer styling and design advice, explore inspirational spaces, new trends and make product recommendations. 

Additionally, I also adore fashion and art and feel these genres cross-over with interior design so significantly that I wanted a platform to bring these areas together and make the links clear. Very few interior blogs make the connection with fashion but I feel it has so much in common with interior design – from trends to texture, layering, colour and styling. 

I wanted the blog to have a chic, slick and editorial feel - essentially feel like an online magazine - and was absolutely shocked and delighted when it won a prestigious Amara Interior Blog Award in its infancy. It has been one crazy ride so far!

What’s your favourite room in your house and why?

I recently redesigned our master bedroom and we added a tiny en-suite (stealing a bit of space from our eldest son’s bedroom - sorry Max)! This was an exciting project as I decided to go for full-on luxury with the idea of creating a boutique-hotel style sanctuary, whilst keeping it somewhat understated. 

The scheme combines warm, muted tones - stone, taupe and soft greys. It pairs a statement floor to ceiling shot-silk headboard with framed surround, gorgeous bedding and accessories and is complemented by a porcelain tiled marble (effect) shower room. The bed is dressed (and cushions karate-chopped) every morning - much to my husband’s dismay when it’s his turn to make the bed!

Where do you hang your Bramwell Brown Weather Clock and why?

I proudly hang my London Weather Clock in the hallway - it’s a fabulous talking point with all guests! I absolutely love the black frame, which really outlines the clock and creates a striking focal point in the space. I use the colours within the illustrations to style up the console table below, accenting with striking flowers and luxury candles to tie everything together. 

Any tips for incorporating clocks into your interior design?

I love to use clocks within design schemes as they are not only practical but aesthetically pleasing (if you choose wisely). The key is to consider the size required for the space - sometimes one statement piece will do - although I also like to mix them up in a select grouping or alongside framed artwork. Also consider colour - what will best complement your existing scheme? Saying that, I often go for black-rimmed clocks as I love a classic look and it feels so effortlessly timeless and chic to opt for monochrome.

What are the big interior trends that we should be looking out for in 2018

I do take trends with a bit of a ‘pinch of salt’ as I love a classic look (I consider my style ‘classic contemporary) but there are a few stand out looks for me in 2018;

1. Warmer tones. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE grey but I have seen so many cooler grey schemes lately that lack depth or a homely feel. I am really feeling a move towards warmer colour - greige instead of blue-grey (this is a grey-beige hybrid), camel, rust and russet hues. This really appeals to me as these colours immediately add warmth and depth to a scheme which is something I always look to achieve.

2. Natural materials. This extends the above really but natural textures such as wood grain, stone and shagreen alongside woven cotton linens and knits contribute to a homely space and are going to be huge in 2018. Gone are the days of one-dimensional high-gloss homes in favour of mixed materials and natural textures are high on the agenda.

3. The ‘70s. This is a trend that gained more traction in 2017 (drinks trolleys anyone?!) but is set to be HUGE this year. The warm, earthy palettes, the purple, the metallics and coloured glass alongside sunken lounges, velvet and sheepskin cement this as a trend that’s going nowhere fast. I, for one, am really excited about this one - and who doesn’t love a velvet sofa?!

Thank you so much to Sarah at Girl About House for her interior insights.