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A Letter from Co-Founder, Rob

Hello everyone,
Thank you for your time in visiting this blog post.
For those of you who have met my sister Sarah and I since we started our little clock business several years ago, you will hopefully know how genuinely keen we are to curate a product that makes people happy. In some ways, it doesn't matter if the products we sell are clocks or cabbage patch dolls, just that they create a positive reaction and are the best they can possibly be.
In the beginning, we reacted to an initial brief that we created for ourselves; building our little business from that. However, as time passes it's important to recognise that clarification on our mission is needed every once in a while. We want to make sure we're still sailing in the right direction!

Rob at an early trade show

(Above: me at an early trade show)

With the current events that surround us in 2020, not only have we both had a lot of time at home to think and ponder how we've been doing lately, we've also had some time to think about where we want to go next and what, if anything, can we add to our range of clocks that will make even more people smile. (As you may know, we love tinkering, creating, adapting and generally messing around with 'mechanimated' ideas!)
We're also well aware that with nearly all of you, our customers, keeping safe at home, it's possible that we could have a helpful period of time to reach out to you to have a good old natter. This conversation would be about what you feel we do well and, of course, what we could do better. Indeed, we're incredibly keen to take on as much quality, 'real life' comments and ideas as possible.
So this is where you come in! If you own a clock, we'd love to hear from you. Please don't be shy!
Depending on the level of response we get to this outreach, I'd like to phone up anyone who gets in touch to talk through what they think of their clock as well as to bounce some ideas about the future research and development at BB Headquarters. This level of customer contact is something that we've never done before but I hope will actually be really quite fun!
So if you think you might have time to speak to me at a suitable point over the coming weeks then please fill out your details below and we'll be back in touch, initially, via email. 
Thank you so much for your time & ongoing enthusiasm for our clocks!
Warmest Regards,
P.S - for those of you wondering if you can speak to Sarah instead of me, you might be happy to hear that she is about to go on maternity leave, with 'baby BB' due any day now! And whilst she'll be no doubt wanting to hear the inside scoop from all the conversations, we agreed that it might be best for me to make the phone calls! :-)