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How to Hang a Wall Clock Without Nails

When you want to hang your timepiece on the wall but you can’t because your landlord won’t like nails in the wall, or you want to hang it on a surface that won’t take nails, well, you have to get creative.

For those special cases, we’re going to go through five alternatives that can let you position your wall clock where you want it - no doubt in pride of place!


 1. Adhesive Strips

You can pick up a pack of adhesive strips in a hardware or craft store. They’re usually meant for pictures, but for a wall clock, they’ll work just the same. After making sure that the back of the clock is flat and clean, select the spot that you want to hang your clock and clean the area well. Once you’ve applied the strips evenly around the back of the clock (using more strips for a heavy clock), you can press the clock to the wall and hold for 30 seconds. A similar method is to use an adhesive hook, and then hang your clock on that.

 How to hang a clock with adhesive strips rather than nails 


2. From the Ceiling

These kinds of clocks usually come with most of their own hardware for hanging, such as a post extending from the top of the clock with the end being ceiling-mounted. For these clocks, nails or screws are often best and nailing it to a support beam offers the ideal mounting place. You can try adhesive strips for these clocks, but be very mindful of the weight the strips can hold.

 How to hang a clock from a rail or the ceiling


3. Hanging from Crown Moulding

This is a great option for old houses that don’t have modern structured walls. A picture rail is an alternative if your home doesn’t already have crown moulding. Start by marking off where you want the clock to hang, and then mark the moulding in the centre above the clock. Place a hook in the marked spot of the crown moulding. Attach cord to the back of the clock, aligning it with the 12-hour mark, and make sure it’s secure. Then hang the cord from the hook and centre your clock.

 How to hang a clock from a picture rail


4. Placing on a Shelf

One of the best spots for a clock is where everyone will see it. A shelf or mantel is an ideal spot that is generally off to the side but in a highly-trafficked area. Some clocks are even designed with a base to be placed on a flat surface. They come in modern and antique styles, so there’s something no matter your taste.

  Position a clock on a shelf rather than hanging it


5. Get Creative!

Is there a hook somewhere around your home that you wouldn’t expect to put a clock? Maybe some wire and a key rack already nailed into the wall is all you need.

 Hang a clock from the ceiling!


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