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How to Decorate Around a Wall Clock

Your décor is a matter of your own personal taste, and everything you put on your walls is a good reflection of that. You can use your clock to determine what kind of aesthetic you want to go for—modern, antique, chic? Whatever your style, here are some ideas for decorating around your wall clock.

1. Shelf Full of Meaning 

Example of a clock on a shelf

This is a great idea for a large wall clock, since anything you add will be accents rather than competing for attention with the clock. A shelf just below the clock can hold pictures or vases with fresh flowers. Or if your taste is more specific, you can try things that mean a lot to you like souvenirs from your favourite places or DIY candles that you’ve crafted. If it can go on a shelf, you’ve got décor.

2. Aesthetic Wall

Clocks like artwork on a wall

Rather than passé wallpaper, one trend is to put up things on a wall that make you happy or give you inspiration. With the clock in the center, you can surround it with images, photographs, paintings, frames or abstract wall art. It gives the eye a lot to bounce around between and can be very interesting to look at even if you’re not trying to tell the time.

3. Pure Minimalism

Decorating your wall with a clock

If you’re a fan of the clean and simplistic style, then consider small, significant items that you can put around the clock. With a large clock, it’s easy to keep the clock as the main focus. A good idea is a small mirror on either side, or pictures of loved ones framing the corners around the clock. That way, when you look for the time, you aren’t distracted and you can catch a glimpse of something dear to your heart.

4. Green Thumb

Clocks with plants for home decor

If you’re handy with plants and have a favourite vine, a potted plant or two can be great natural accents to a clock. It can be a reminder for yourself to make time to connect back to nature. Perennial flowers are also a nice touch and can give the space some delicate colour. Depending on hook placing, you can even run a vine up and around a clock if you’re so inclined.

5. Leave it Bare

Bare walls and clocks

This is super if your timepiece is a stand-out on its own. If it can tell the time and everyone your ideal aesthetic, you may have your decorating all done for you. Unique clocks that are shaped like windmills or globes, or use neon lights or forks and spoons are pieces that can shine all on their own.

Decorating around your clock is all about finding a balance between your style and what the clock already offers you. Try out a few ideas and see what sticks; you might just be surprised at what your clock gives you to work with.