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It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

By Laura Swann

With just less than a week to go until Christmas Day and our Christmas orders winging their way to their new homes, we thought we’d take some time out to ask founders Rob and Sarah a few questions about their Christmas traditions - past and present…


Do you always spend Christmas together as a family? Where will you spend Christmas this year?

Rob: Yes! Definitely a family event! I’ll be at home in Lancashire.

Sarah: Sadly no, not this year. I’m abandoning the nest to spend Christmas with my boyfriend and his family in Hampshire this year. We’ll all be together for New Year though. 

What does Christmas usually look like in the family home?

Rob: Things kick off with Christmas stockings. I’m usually a bit bleary-eyed but a lot of laughs and cups of tea later and we get ourselves out of the house to the local church. After that, half the congregation seems to come back to ours for coffee (or Sloe Gin) and some of Mum’s infamous mince pies. Once everyone’s beetled off home we usually spend the rest of the day swapping presents and then tucking into giant Christmas dinner later in the evening.

Sarah: Yeah, the routine never changes! Mum goes to such lengths to make it a really special day. She always has the house looking stunning, we’re spoilt with tasty treats and she doesn’t bat an eyelid when the vicar gets the wrong end of the stick and invites the whole church to ours on Christmas morning, as happened 2 years ago!

Turkey or Goose?

Rob: Nut Roast… No only kidding. Turkey.

Sarah: Definitely Turkey, and there has to be bread sauce!

Do you have any family traditions?

Rob: The wrapping of our Dad’s present in a ridiculous and convoluted way that allows for a good amount of Christmas cheer when he’s given said-gift. Last year he had to hoist it from the ceiling with a stick! 

Sarah: Yes, poor Dad always has some challenge around opening his present from us. It started as just wrapping it in a peculiar way and has just escalated year on year! We siblings still all attempt to open our stockings in Mum and Dad’s bed. Space is on a first come first served basis though so it’s a race to bag a spot!

Do you remember a favourite present from your childhood?

Rob: Probably anything made of Lego. 

Sarah: One year I was totally thrilled to get a dolls house. But I think that was as much because it was bigger than Rob’s present than anything else!

Do you buy presents for each other? What do you buy each other?

Rob: Sarah and I were joking that everyone in the family is getting a clock. But not only have we nearly completely sold out of them but that would also be a bit unimaginative! Last year we got our brother Will, a taxidermy magpie. His face was a picture and now he doesn’t know what to do with it. I was planning to gift him a new taxidermy animal each Christmas but Sarah told me that I should get him something he can actually use…

Sarah: It’s pretty random! I was a bit concerned that the joke we still find hilarious was getting a bit old for poor Will. As a compromise but no less silly, I’m sending both boys to a taxidermy workshop together as their present this year.

Are you good at buying gifts for your family, or do you leave it all to last minute? 

Rob: Bit of a mix really. Having visited some of our lovely clock stockists I’ve actually managed to pick up some good bits and bobs already this year. Way ahead of the usual Christmas eve panic. 

Sarah: I’m usually ok at buying things for Mum but the boys always prove difficult – they’re usually the last minute ones!

Is anyone in your family receiving a Bramwell Brown Weather or Tide Clock under the tree this Christmas?

Rob: Think we’ve agreed to get Mum a Tide Clock. Hopefully it won’t remind her too much of what she’s missing out on at the Coast whilst she’s at home in land-locked Chorley.

Sarah: Yeah, though I hasten to add that she did actually ask for it!

2015 has been a busy year for you both with the launch of Bramwell Brown, what’s been your highlight? 

Rob: Winning product of the Show at House & Gardens Spirit of Summer fair. That was great. 

Sarah: That totally bowled us over. Same for me!

Any New Year’s resolutions for 2016?

Rob: Read more novels and autobiographies. Cycle to Belgium in the Spring with Dad and our brother.

Sarah: Make more time for catching up with old friends. Cook more new recipes and eat out less often.

Wishing all our customers a very Merry Christmas,

thank you for your tremendous support this year!


1990's Christmas: Sarah & Rob with their cousin, Eddie